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Contrary to what Cassidy had been planning for Cecile, her time of retribution came a little earlier.

It was Adrian himself who discovered her crimes two years ago, and without further ado, he had her arrested and locked up in jail. Mia and Anthony had something to do with the whole exposure - they were probably monitoring the mysterious maid all those times. And because of her sudden confinement, she was not able to get any more pieces of jewelry from her.

In the end, Cassidy had failed to fulfill her part in the deal, which she thought was a better outcome in a way. Cecile herself had surrendered despite being the breadwinner of a family whose daily necessities she still had to sustain. She had a lot of regrets at that time, and she sure begged for mercy a lot.

Instead of satisfying her greed, the redhead just decided to look after the needs of those she had left behind.

"I still have a long way to go, Ma'am Cassidy. To be honest, I still find myself wanting those diamonds and golds from time to time. Old habits do die hard..." Cecile confessed with a somewhat playful tone, making her smirk in amusement.

"But like you said, what matters is that I'm already getting there. I'm on my way, I guess."

"Good luck, then. Just take your time. It'll be a shame if you get out without anything happening to you. You'll just waste all those years of imprisonment..." Cassidy said as both a good-willed quip and a form of mockery.

"Enjoy it as much as you can, Cecilia."

"Still as blunt as ever, I see."

"Some things just don't change."

So to say, their relationship is kind of complicated - they are neither friends nor enemies at this point.

Their conversation didn't last long. Cecile only called to express her gratitude - like what she did every time she heard from her family that Cassidy provided for them again. After their exchange, she went on with her daily routine and opened up her restaurant.

The diner is not that huge - just a small building with enough space for the staff and a certain number of customers. Unlike the sports bar that Asher is managing along with the others, which continues to thrive as time passes by, this one has an ordinary and homely design that provides comfort rather than impresses people.

Normal and average - that has been the theme of her life for the past years.

"Ma'am Cassie! Can you come over here for a bit?" called someone from the servery counter.

As Cassidy turns in that direction, she finds Bryan, the head chef of the restaurant, beckoning her over.

After working as a bartender in Asher's place for almost a year, he decided to follow her there and lend her a helping hand. They built a friendly relationship over the time. With his knowledge in business management, he also served as one of her instructors in this type of expertise.

"What is it, Bryan?" Cassidy asked as soon as she reached the counter.

"Our neighbor's here again with the usual," Bry

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