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Minutes ticked by until they turned into half an hour.

Cassidy hasn't appeared yet, but Gertrude is already nearing her boiling point. She first thought that she's just changing into a more decent clothing or something to pacify her pent-up fit of pique. However, that seemed to be not the case.

Then again, knowing her daughter-in-law now, she probably won't consider earning her good will by sporting a decent apparel, and it's not like something like that would work on her anyway.

"How ridiculous... None of my appointments at work had even made me wait this long. Does she think I have all day for her?" Gertrude grunted with her brows scrunched so tightly together in aggravation that her wrinkles were becoming more and more visible.

Without her knowing, Cecile had went ahead and sent people to search all around for Cassidy.

The head maid couldn't afford catching the flames of her rage, which was why she didn't tell her the news yet. She also hadn't given up on bringing her daughter-in-law back. Since she's the one who confidently claimed that she was staying put inside the mansion, she's also the one who's going to be in trouble if that ended out to be not true.

Coming clean would mean creasing her reputation as a highly competent and flawless worker.

Not to mention, if she failed to have them meet today, she's going to get quite a scolding from her mistress. Irish is just as short-tempered as Gertrude despite their contrasting personalities. She's also just as capable as her mother in humiliating, browbeating and maltreating people who're under them.

"This is bad... I had already sent almost all the maids and even got some help from the available menservants around the area, but no one had seen any sign of her yet. The security guards at the gates said that they didn't notice anyone leaving, which meant that she's still around here somewhere," Cecile pondered heavily, already at a mental panic.

She must have underestimated Cassidy too much. If she's hiding right now, she probably knew that something was up. But even then, she would have already confronted her or any of the new maids if she did have her suspicions.

Perhaps, she's just hiding for the meantime after she found out that Gertrude had come unannounced. It's only a given that she'd avoid contact with her abusive mother-in-law. In that case, she might confront her and the other maids only after she left.

"No, I need to haul her out of hiding no matter what. I don't care if she comes confronting me or whatnot. She's too powerless and naive to do anything against me, anyway..." Cecile thought firmly while clenching her teeth.

"My concern here is the Madam. She must not know that I was the one who let her get away."

As more minutes of searching flew by, she decided to at least fabricate a lie that would not taint her good reputation and instead put all the blames on Cassidy - a thing she's very good at doing.



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