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Seeing their aunt and uncle play with them reminds Damien of how much he's been wishing for something like this for a very long time.

As much as he and his brothers don't want to admit it, they are lonely. Even when their mother was still alive, he and Joshua couldn't see and play much with her since she's often ill and bedridden. Their father did try his hardest to balance his time with them, his wife and his work, but it's never enough to fill the gap.

And when she passed away, things got worse.

It's not just about having not enough time with them anymore. Edward was busier than ever - and Damien knew he's doing it on purpose in order to forget their mother and move on. When he's working, he could easily get his mind off of things.

Because of that, he and his brothers grew feeling lonelier than ever.

However, they didn't complain out loud. They kept it in most of the time because they knew that this was just how things were supposed to be in this family.

They don't have cousins since Edward's siblings don't have children yet. Contact with other people outside of the family is limited. It also doesn't help that Gertrude is fond of having them meet and play with the children of their family's business partners - spoiled and arrogant children, that is.

Right now, though, Damien feels like he's slowly becoming strangers with loneliness.

All it needed was a single hand reaching out to them - and Cassidy doing just that was all it took.

"Oh, Damien likes meat, huh...?"

At his aunt's comment, Damien perks up and turns to face her, snapping out of his musing. He then finds Cassidy taking a seat beside him while staring at his plate. She appears to be amused for some reason.

They're now taking a break from a couple hours of swimming and having their picnic at last.

The attendants that Adrian called had arrived a while ago. While they were playing in the ocean, they prepared the picnic set and their orders - all of which are still of the finest quality despite the short notice. They brought this huge rectangular table, a canopy to cover them from the sun, and a barbecue equipment.

Lunch time came right exactly when everything was done.

"Yes, I do like meat. What about you, Aunt? Why are you having dessert first?" Damien asked as soon as he noticed that she was holding a cup full of ice cream with different flavors.

"I'm afraid they might melt if they stay in this heat for too long," Cassidy reasoned out while averting her gaze.

"No, they're not. We have just the right equipment to keep it from melting even in this heat."

"I'm waiting for the barbecue to finish."

"The first batch already is. There are some on the table."

"W-Well, ummmm..."

"You're so easy to read, Aunt. Just say that you like ice cream."

As he chuckled that out in amus.e.m.e.nt, she only smiled, not denying the claim. She does like ice cream and other sweets, especially since she ha

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