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Cassidy didn't mean to get caught smirking, but when the brunette she thought as Irish showed her an appalled expression, she was glad she did.

Perhaps, she saw through her mischievous thoughts. Her perplexed reaction is understandable either, especially since she knows how she used to see her as this meek and brooding little woman who probably never smirked this way at her before.

'Cecilia told me a lot of useful things about Lady Irish over there. She said that she could easily oppress me because I never fought back before. I also couldn't defend myself since everyone was always dubious of me due to my reserved nature...' Cassidy mulled silently as she continued locking eye contact with the brunette.

'Now, it's time to change people's impressions and turn that to my advantage.'

Olivia had to put her hand on her sister's shoulder just to make her snap out of her thunderstruck state.

Irish turned to look at her with a slightly weary expression, baffling her for a bit. Adrian was also puzzled as to why she stiffened for a second there. Before he could ask anything, though, his siblings already started making their way to his wife.

Cassidy was talking with her nephews about something that had to do with ice cream when the three of them arrived at their table. Silence stretches for a moment as she looks up and examines both Irish and Olivia.

It's just as she thought - the two were so breathtakingly beautiful that they appeared as ethereal as their brothers.

"Great to see you again, Cassidy. It's been a while..." Irish greeted first with a lovely smile before leaning in and lightly touching her cheek with hers.

"Considering that you had amnesia, let me introduce myself again. My name is Irish. Let's get along once more, my dear sister-in-law."

Cassidy has to admit that she's quite good.

As expected of an actress, her acting is on point. She can't even feel a single trace of malice. If she didn't know any better, she would fall for her trap and believe that her intentions were genuine.

However, Cassidy does know better, and she is aware that what Irish is aiming here is to show everyone that she has nothing but good will towards her. That way, she'll be able to get away from any offense that she'll secretly inflict on her.

With that in mind, Cassidy goes ahead and pretendS too. She holds her hands and puts on a purely joyful expression - the purest one she can muster, catching Irish off guard.

"I heard a lot about you, Irene! I'm so happy I get to meet you! Cecilia told me how kind you were to me before! Thank you so much for taking care of me," the redhead enthused with an ear-splitting grin, pretending to be on good terms with her.

"H-Huh? Cecilia...? O-Oh, right... my maid..." her sister-in-law trailed off in surprise, not expecting that she would greet her back so amicably - though she thought it was a good thing that Cecile backed her up like that.

"Wait, what Irene? That's Irish f

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