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Then and again, Adrian doesn't know what is going on with him lately.

Too drawn by how Cassidy was unknowingly titillating him with the way she made all those noises and moved her mouth, he found himself staring at her for a good portion of time. Breakfast had never been that stimulating for him, which then led him back to the question about what exactly was going on with him.

"This is really getting weird," Adrian sighed in exasperation.

After breakfast, Cassidy didn't speak to him anymore and just rushed out of the dining room. That only means that she's still mad about last night. But then again, his gesture was indeed forceful and a bit rough.

"Will she still be like that later when I get home, then?" he found himself wondering silently as he looked up to the cloudless blue sky.

"What got you thinking deep so early in the morning, President?"

At someone's sudden entrance in his office, Adrian turns his rolling chair back around to his desk and faces the person. He's taken aback to find this blonde-haired woman with ocean blue pupils and a curvaceous figure that certainly comes out voluptuous.

What's more, she's wearing a revealing, blazing red c.o.c.ktail dress with a black blazer, which will definitely catch people's attention.

"Sophie, what are you doing here?" Adrian asked with a brow arched, evidently surprised and confused.

"Mommy dear isn't going to work for today. I'm filling in her shoes for now~" the blonde answered complacently, walking up to his office desk with a seductive look on her face.

"You mean my mother?"

"Yeah... She said she's going to visit a certain in-law of hers."

As soon as Sophie reaches Adrian, she goes ahead and sits on the arm of his rolling chair, suggestively peering at him with a sultry simper all the while. She then slowly snakes her arms around his neck - looking like a python who's about to ensnare her prey.

That's all until Adrian bolted out of his seat and looked at Sophie incredulously.

"Wait, she's gonna do what?!"

This catches her off guard, making her retrieve her arms and wonder what gets him ruining the mood all of the sudden. She really thought that she'd have her way with him this time, especially since she managed to get this close to him today.

"He's not usually like this. Why is he getting all worked up with that useless wife of his now?" she thought silently, crossing her arms with a huff and frowning in annoyance.

Unbeknownst to Sophie, what made Adrian throw away his usual cool was the very fact that his stern and austere mother was about to meet his troublemaker wife.


Back at the mansion, things weren't any less eventful.

Cassidy was just wondering about what she would be doing to pass time with when a guest suddenly arrived. The head housemaid and butler had informed her that it was her mother-in-law, which kind of piqued her curiosity.

"So, it's bossman's mother, huh? People used

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