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Cassidy is really sensitive to a forthcoming danger - and luckily for Olivia, she is just as sensitive as she is responsive.

Without hesitating even just for a second, she takes out her pistol and starts shooting at the pursuer behind her. Even though she remains dangling horizontally, her aim is still good enough to hit her target straight to their groin. Her position this time is even better since she can see it clearly despite all the wobbling from their running.

All three of her companions can only look at her in astonishment. Olivia is more stunned than anyone, though. For a second there, she thought for sure that she was going to shoot at her.

"Oh, don't give me that look, Ofelia. I'm not that evil..." Cassidy quipped with a smirk, amused by her appalled reaction.

"I do miss sometimes, though. So, I'm sorry in advance~!"

"Then, don't shoot anymore!" Olivia cried out in panic, nearly tearing up when she showed her a mischievous smirk.

"You sure about that?"

Seeing her knowing gaze, the blonde takes a second to look behind her. Sure enough, there are more of their enemies catching up to them. If they ever start firing once more, she will be the first target. That being said, she only has two options here - whether to let those people shoot her or entrust her fate to her not-so-trustworthy sister-in-law.

"I'm gonna shoot now, okay? Make sure to evade~"

On second thought, Olivia thinks that her opinions don't really matter here anyway.

Cassidy, not giving a damn like always, proceeds to fire bullets at their pursuers while she has no choice but to watch it all happen right in front of her. Out of fear from getting hit, she covers her head and shuts her eyes closed as she keeps running. She can't complain. It's her fault for getting left behind and being this much of a slow poke, after all.

With that, Olivia has to trust Cassidy blindly - and she does so while her tears begin streaming down her cheeks for the nth time that night. She really hates the sound of the gunshots. To have it so near her is almost traumatizing.

"Hey, wait, don't screw your eyes shut, idiot...!" Cassidy then suddenly bolted out, panic in her voice.

"Look out!"

Gathering all her strength, she forcefully shook her way out and broke free from Adrian to rush towards Olivia. This gets him halting on his tracks along with Charles, completely caught off guard by her last minute retaliation. But then, it's no mere retaliation on her part.

Cassidy ran back to Olivia after they passed through an aisle. There, she saw how another gunman came out of there. This time, they were so close that she found it hard to shoot without hitting her as well. Her closing her eyes like that alarmed her more. Because of that, she didn't get to dodge, giving the gunner an opportunity to pounce on her.

"Kyahhhhh...!!!" Olivia screeched in aghast shock when she got grasped by the wrist and spun around.

"Freakin' sexual harasser!"

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