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Back at the hospital where two members of the Millicent are currently staying in, time flows by without any particular change until a certain someone's uproarious reawakening happens.

Adrian has finally regained consciousness - in the most unexpected way possible, that is. At least, for all of those who were aware of how bad his condition was, they were not expecting that he was going to wake up this soon. As for his family members who were on watch, they did not quite anticipate the first thing he would do and say as soon as he opened his eyes.


Edward comes rushing the moment he hears Adrian mumbling something. He then heaves a deep sigh of relief after finding that he is finally awake. Right at that very moment as well, Olivia enters the room with Irish. She has regained consciousness a few days ago, but she still needs to use a wheelchair to move around.

"Olivia! Irish! Adrian is...!" Edward called out to them, much to their surprise.

"Adrian?! Is he finally awake?!" Olivia exclaimed before making her way in their direction.

"Thank goodness... He is awake..." Irish breathed out as she joined their siblings, nearly tearing up in so much relief.

"Olivia, can you please call the doctors for now?"

"Yes. Of course."

But before she can even reach the door, they all suddenly hear their youngest sibling whispering something underneath his breath. His gaze tears itself away from the ceiling before falling on them. They can only watch in silence as he peers at them one by one, looking like he is searching for something or someone.

"Cassidy... Where is my wife?" Adrian then asked.

As if that is not enough to baffle them, they can also see both panic and desperation in his weary expression. When he attempts to sit up, they stir and scurry to make him lie back again. Even then, he doesn't want to let up. He only continues budging while looking behind their backs to search for any other occupant in that room.

"Calm down, Adrian. You haven't completely recovered yet," Edward said as he tried to pin him back down on his bed.

"You're not answering my question. Where is Cassidy?" Adrian muttered with an anxious look and tone.

"C-Cassidy is... She is not here..." Olivia trailed off hesitantly, casting down her gaze as she recalled how Cassidy suddenly disappeared the other day and associated it with what Gertrude told her before.

"D-Don't worry, though. Your secretary and bodyguards are already searching for her-"

"S-She's... n-not here? Why?"

Seeing him slacken and droop his head low, they only fall silent once more. His entire face begins to pale from that point on. He appears like he can't believe what's happening. More than that, he is looking more and more desperate in each passing second. Whatever gets him acting like this is something they can never fathom.

"We don't know the reason, Adrian. She just went and left the other day," Edward continued, still trying to mak

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