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Earlier that day, Irish attended a joint photoshoot wherein Levi both served as the producer and one of the photographers.

She works not only as a movie actress, but also as a fashion model. In fact, she is one of those topping the charts. For years, she has been the most sought-after in this industry.

As usual, she didn't expect much when she was asked to take part in this particular indoor photoshoot. She just needed to go through the details, follow the guidance of the staff, and make several poses.

Little did Irish know that this one wouldn't turn out to be like any ordinary photoshoot out there. It's not because the staff had suddenly added some stunts or tricks in the usual flow, but it's because she would have to work alongside someone - and not just anyone.

Irish was not informed beforehand that Cassidy would also be joining the photoshoot.


The two of them met inside the dressing room.

Her sister-in-law, who had been missing for days, was now in front of her - with a makeup artist and hair stylist touching her up for the event. She was dressed in a fashionable outfit, which was already a dead giveaway that she was that co-model she would be working together with.

"W-Why...?! Why are you here?!" Irish hastily questioned as she rushed in her direction.

"Does it concern you?" Cassidy replied apathetically without even bothering to look at her.

She slightly lowered her head and faltered at her indifference, thinking that she must have already been aware that she would come. Hundreds of questions kept piling up inside her head at that moment, but she began hesitating to say them out loud after recalling the present circumstances they had. She was already past the stage where she loathed her, and now, she was nothing but wary and intimidated by her.

Irish may have been livid when Cassidy humiliated Olivia in front of their houseworkers before, but it wasn't even shortly after that she came to realize that it was nothing compared to all the terrible deeds they did to her.

"Step aside already. I'm going out."

At that, Irish snapped out of her train of thoughts and looked up again to find Cassidy staring back at her with a scowl. She only did as she told and let her pass through. That's until she suddenly found the intrepidity to at least say something - one that mattered to her most of all.

"My brother..." Irish started all of the sudden, making her halt on her tracks.

"Adrian hasn't been the same since the day you left. From morning 'til night, he's been drinking. He doesn't go to work anymore, and he doesn't want to eat properly. It's affecting every one of us. He's devastated, Cassidy."

"I'm not going back - if that's what you're trying to tell me to do," Cassidy said in a heartbeat, crushing her hopes.

"Will you at least see him? Just once?"

"I will not."

She knows how heartless she appears when she says those things, and though she feels really

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