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With a plan in mind, Cassidy immediately hops on her motorcycle and zooms out of that place.

Before she could pass through the gates, though, she had to convince the two security guards there to keep her departure a secret. They didn't agree at first, but with much persuasion and a touch of her womanly charms, she eventually got them on her side.

"Tell them I didn't go out and that I'm just probably around here. This will be quick, I promise. I'll treat you guys to something nice once I come back, so make sure to keep the fact that I left to yourselves, alright~?" was what Cassidy asked them while spreading a lovely and endearing smile that made them combust on the spot.

Now that she is driving down the road, she takes a moment to reflect on those guards' fl.u.s.tered reactions.

It does make her feel like she's just using bribery to think so, but she guesses that employees like them are quite easy to persuade if she pushes the right buttons. Rewards are the best tools to motivate people, after all. As for her, though, it's not really like she's going to use her wealth to buy their favors.

Rather, it can be a potential mean to get people on her side.

"Oh, Cecilia, Cecilia~" Cassidy cooed with a sing-song voice, recalling how she found out the head maid's dirty little secrets earlier.

"Before I get bossman to fire you or something, let's make a good use of you for the meantime. Hopefully, you don't mind~ You did do me tons of favors in the past, after all - or so you mentioned in your mini monologue earlier."

Even without her memories, she has seen enough of this family's twisted side - just enough for her to think that there's a darker one and that what she saw so far was only the tip of the iceberg. That's why she thought that staying as that well-behaved and compliant wife that everyone kept saying that she was before wouldn't do her any good.

It's not like she's still pursuing her husband, anyway. She no longer has any reason to be at the mercy of those who didn't show her mercy in the past.

"Actually, this is a good opportunity for me to plan how exactly I'll cut my ties with this household. Bossman said that he had a reason why he didn't agree to divorce me. Since he did not want to tell me anything about it and apparently, it's not some public info that I could get my hands on just by asking anyone, I would have to search for the answer from his relatives..." Cassidy thought with a deeply ponderous expression.

"What's more, I have to be aware of what Maleficent and her minions are up to at the very least. I can't have them making me dance on the palms of their hands all the time."

Indeed, she didn't have to wait for her memories to come back for her to take action.

She may not know what happened for the past five years or what would occur in the future, but she's not going to let other people dictate her present for her. In one way or another, she needs to be grounded on her

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