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Irish is having a great dilemma at this very moment.

The main course of their dinner is already over, but she still can't gain an opening that can get her hands on Cassidy. With her brothers and nephews surrounding her the whole time and ultimately joining her at that table, there is no way she can just barge right in and put her evil plot into action - all in the open for her family to see.

Irish knows that both of her brothers are discerning and sharp-eyed.

Adrian and Edward can easily see through her acting even if she's one of the best in the entertainment industry, considering that they're siblings who grew up together. What's more, though she doesn't want to admit it, the two of them have come to care so much for Cassidy that they even gift her a bouquet.

"Ughhhh...!!!How vexing! Why did they become like that all of the sudden? Those two hardly batted an eye on her before...!" Irish ranted to her twin sister, talking only loud enough for her to hear.

"And what the heck is up with all the flowers?! They never gave me a bouquet like that! And I'm supposed to be their dearest sister! What's with my lovely nephews too?! Were they brainwashed by that woman?! Even Hugo kept acting chummy with her!"

"Calm down, Irish. No matter how much you want to be stealthy with your rant, others will hear if you keep your voice like that..." Olivia told her with a sigh before looking at the main subjects of their conversation from a distance.

"What is it you wanna do with her, anyway? If you're gonna humiliate her in front of everyone again, it's really gonna be hard with all of them around - especially with how Adrian is acting."

"Huh? Adrian? What do you mean?"

"Couldn't you see, Irish? Since when did our brother treat Cassidy like that? Adrian was holding her waist the entire time, he kept touching her intimately, he could barely look at her without looking like a love-struck idiot, and he even nearly got angry at Edward for something as simple as a bunch of flowers."

"Y-You mean h-he is...?"

"He is in love, sis."

At that, the brunette made the look of someone who just heard that the world was ending.

This might be the worst case scenario. After all, their brother's indifference used to play a very big role in turning their sister-in-law into an easy target. Even though he is younger than them, he holds more power and influence - in and out of the family, that is.

However, that is not really what makes Irish somewhat afraid of Adrian. Rather, it is the fact that he closely resembles their grandfather whenever he loses his temper. Almost everyone in the family greatly fears the former head, especially since he is a man of a whole different level.

Among all of them, only Adrian can get close to their grandfather's caliber in terms of his preeminence, intimidating presence, and capability to lead a business empire. That's one of the apparent reasons why he succeeded their deceased father as the con

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