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Just like what Gilmore and Charles said, the burn mark on Cassidy's back looked fresh enough for people to think that it got there only recently.

It's also much bigger and worse than what Adrian expected. It's practically some sort of rotten flesh at this point. Now, he could tell why the doctor came up with the assumption that it had been inflicted on purpose.

"What the hell happened? She never told me anything..." he muttered in flummox with his brows scrunched tightly together as he stepped closer to her bed.

"Now that I think about it, Anthony also said that she reopened her wounds yesterday. She's literally riddled by scars at this point."

Feeling somewhat frustrated, Adrian heaved an exhausted sigh.

While it may be true that he's one uncaring and indifferent husband, he's not so evil that he'll let her receive any type of physical abuse or inhuman mistreatment. It's his family who should be responsible for her since she doesn't have any clear background to share.

What's more, Adrian made a vow with his grandmother that he'd look after her. It was her death wish, after all - to have him take Cassidy in despite her unknown origin, her lack of skills and knowledge, and the fact that she clearly doesn't fit in this kind of lifestyle.

"And you're even asking for a divorce..." he thought out loud as he sat on her bed - just beside her wall of pillows.

"Just where exactly would you go at this rate?"

With a downcast gaze and a frown marring his frame, Adrian only stares down at Cassidy's sleeping face for the next seconds to come.


Cassidy might as well dampen everyone's morning with her sulking face.

The Millicent couple had just woken up and prepared themselves to go downstairs for breakfast. Contrary to her expectation, Adrian decided to join her in the dining room even though the head housemaid told her yesterday that he's the type who's so workaholic that he'd just eat his meals inside his office.

It's not like Cassidy doesn't want Adrian to have breakfast in his own home, but she just can't bear being close to him for too long.

"Can I just eat in the lounge-"

"No, you might end up dirtying the furniture," he cut her off before taking a sip from his coffee.

"Then, I'll just make this quick," she mumbled to herself in annoyance, though still audible enough for him to hear.

With that, Cassidy starts digging in as if she's been starved for a year. She completely disregards all the table etiquettes that she learned in the past, which is still reasonable since she did lose her memories.

What's unreasonable here is how she drinks her coffee with a loud sloppy s.u.c.k.i.n.g sound.

Adrian can't help but be mentally sidetracked by how Cassidy makes those slurpy noises. That's when his eyes strayed to her wet lips as she kept sipping away.

Her eyes narrow while her lips turn redder from the warmth of the coffee. Now, as soon as she turns to biting a

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