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As Charles proceeds to scatter bullets all over their enemies from above, Cassidy keeps staring at him in awe and astonishment from below.

She is sitting right beside him along with Olivia and Irish, hiding behind the balustrades of the terrace. He didn't let her join him in shooting down their pursuers this time since she's the one they're after. As much as possible, she needs to stay away from them. More preferably, she should really avoid showing herself up.

"So cool...! That's so cool, Charlie!" Cassidy cheered blithely, catching his attention.

"No, it's not. I'm barely hitting anyone down there. It's so dark in this place..." Charles sighed until his ammunition ran out.

"Oh, I'm out of bullets."

"Well, in your defense, you only did that to distract them, right? No need for bloodshed. Oh, and your hand signals earlier too! That's very cool!"

"You were watching the whole time?"

"Of course!"

Though already used to compliments, he can't help but feel a bit flattered by this one. It's just that she appears so exhilarated that she is blushing a little. He himself can't help but blush, thinking that she really looks endearing right now. Yet he immediately averts his gaze the second he realizes that, denying his thoughts.

"Anyway, let's wait for the President and the others for a moment. They're on their way here," Charles continued as he bent in one knee right in front of Cassidy, hiding behind the balustrades with them.

Adrian had already managed to catch up with Ray and Asher at that point. They're now backing one another up as their opponents carried on in firing more bullets. On their way to the stairs that lead to the second floor, though, there is something that all three of them have noticed in their pattern of shooting.

'Why does it seem like they're more onto Sir Ray and Slimy over there? It even feels like they're trying to avoid confronting me...' Adrian wondered right after he observed that particular detail.

'And I bet those two also noticed it.'

Right then, Ray glances at him and nods his head towards the stairs, silently gesturing that he should go ahead of them if that is indeed the case. He hesitates to follow since he doesn't want to leave the two of them there. Asher saw his reluctance and clicked his tongue in annoyance, not taking him for the goody-two-shoes type.

Though he thinks that he should just be better off being left there instead of them, he has to admit that one of them does need to go ahead and protect Cassidy. As her husband, he should be more than enough. Besides, he and Ray are great back-ups. This should slow the pursuers down.

"By the way, Shade, it's back to you...!" Asher then bolted out to Adrian all of the sudden, much to his surprise.

"If something happens to Cassie, I'll kill you in an instant!"

He doesn't need to say more for him to understand that he should really go ahead. Then again, his wife is their priority there. If the enemies g

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