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Cassidy was eighteen-year old at the time Maruschca was able to understand everything.

Ever since she saw that picture of his grandson, not even its blurriness and his disguise could keep her from putting the pieces together. As she continued to learn more about their adventures together - about how they bonded together and that it all happened during the summer she stopped visiting the orphanage, she remembered that he was also showing interest in a girl around that time.

While Cassidy may have fulfilled her promise to keep his intention for his visits as a secret, Maruschca saw through the fact that he was indeed paying visits to that orphanage just like her.

"He used to look so grumpy and brooding, but even then, he was kind and generous! He would buy me ice cream and play with me! He would also walk me back home from school!"

Since bringing that photograph, Cassidy kept rambling about that guy for hours straight every time she visited the hospital.

At first, Maruschca only listened to her story. She neither confirmed nor denied that the person she was head-over-heels in love with was her grandson. That's because she couldn't just establish the truth from a single blurred photo. She wanted to learn more about him - his attitude, his way of treating other people, and how he made friends from outside his comfort zone for the first time.

Soon enough, Cassidy was able to convince Maruschca that this guy was none other than Adrian.

"Eight years... It had taken them eight years to find the chance to reunite at last..." was what she thought that time.

"All there's left is my grandson. I wonder how Adrian will react when he sees Cassidy again."

But then, there were two crucial facts that Maruschca did not know about - first was that Adrian had lost his memories, and second was the heartbreaking incident that happened to Cassidy and her family.

"Cassidy? What happened, child?"

It was the first time Cassidy visited Maruschca again ever since turning nineteen-year-old.

She thought about making their reunion happen as a present for her. Yet before she could even tell her about it, she faltered after seeing her trudge inside her hospital room like a corpse. She looked lifeless, empty and dead - the first she ever saw on this bright and cheerful girl.

"G-Granny... M-My family..." Cassidy choked out, sounding like she had swallowed a thousand of broken glasses.

"T-There was this fire... O-Only f-five... Only five were left."

Maruschca nearly got a heart attack after hearing the news.

That was the day when everything changed for Cassidy. Certain arrangements were made that required her to part ways from the remaining family she had. For the past years, all she had were the orphans and their caretaker. She had no other home to go to. Her friends never showed up again for a long time. She was all by herself - lost and alone.

"I want to protect my family until the very end... Those five

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