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A few days after Cassidy was brought to the hospital, Adrian returned home on his own - with the absence of his wife mirroring the absence of life within him all the while.

During his phase of denial, dead silence weighed over the place. It was worse than before, and as time went by, it only got more and more unbearable. Ever since, it is hell for everyone in the Millicent's household - hell that is ironically wintry and freezing cold.

Everything is no longer the same. With her disappearance, all of it changed in only a snap.

"Welcome, Sir Edward. Thank you for coming..." Mia solemnly greeted their guest at the entrance of the mansion alongside the other maids and menservants.

"Really, we appreciate your timely visit, Sir. We have been having a difficult time with the President for a while now."

"Again...?" Edward sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Don't worry. I'll go talk to him."

"Yes, of course-"

Then, she paused.

Only when Edward started walking in did they realize that Olivia was behind him all along. Unlike the last time she was here, she was no longer cowering in fear. Instead, she looks firm. The side of her face where Cassidy slapped her actually left a bruise, but she only let it be instead of covering it - pair that with her unwavering gaze and tenacious expression, she appears quite commendable.

"G-Good day to you, Ma'am Olivia," Anthony took the lead to greet while everybody else followed.

"Good day to you, too. May I ask where our brother is?" Olivia questioned to which he only gestured for them to trail after him.

"Not in the usual this time. I'll lead you there."

Eventually, they learned that Adrian finally left his bedroom and went for a change of setting - the location turning out to be the grand aquatic vivarium that he built for Cassidy.

Like before, they find him in a complete mess. Bottles of wine are keeping him company in the middle of this imposing waterfall display where he once had dinner with his wife. He is staring off into space and sitting around in complete silence. His mind seems to be drifting off far from that place.

"That is his sixth one for today..." Anthony started once more, referring to the wine bottle that Adrian was holding.

"We kept talking him out of it, but he never listened. And it's barely past noon yet."

"I understand. Thanks for your hard work. We'll take it from here," Edward reassured him before sighing for the nth time since he arrived.

"Irish will be coming later. She is still at work. Can you lead her here?" Olivia asked to which the manservant only nodded in return.

With that, he excuses himself and makes his way out of the conservatory, leaving the two behind. For a moment, they only continue watching their brother from a distance. They can't help but feel bad and sympathetic towards him, especially with how he keeps acting like it is the end of the world.

In all actuality, Adrian did feel tha

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