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Adrian didn't really mean to.

He didn't mean to bring up something like having sex in their first meeting in a long while. He didn't mean to be such an ass over and over again. He didn't mean to be as stupid as a pleasure-deprived, simple-minded fool. He didn't want to be so desperate too.

But when he told her how much he loves her, all of it are true. He means everything he has said, and he hopes he has gotten through her even just for a little bit.

"Get up, Adrian," Cassidy said before she leaned down next to Adrian, concerned that he might end up getting crashed over by a vehicle if he continued lying there on the street.

She then places his arm over her neck to try to help him stand up. He appears to be getting paler and paler in each passing moment. She is almost sure that the cold air is making him feel worse.

"Let's have you sit here for now. Pull yourself together already," she told him as she guided him to a nearby bench.

Adrian looks so happy by such a simple gesture that Cassidy finds it hard to believe. Having him so close makes her heart pound so loudly that she wonders if he can hear it. She hates having this reaction to him since she is supposed to be putting her distance. Perhaps, old habits really die hard - she did love him for half a decade.

"You are such a sweet little cinnamon roll, my love. Despite how stubborn you are, you are as kind as an angel~" Adrian cooed out of nowhere, taking her aback.

"If you say something like that one more time, I swear I'll let you drop dead..." Cassidy hissed, blushing a little from embarrassment despite being unsure of what to really feel about that.

"I'm not doing this because I want to, dummy. If the others come and find you lying around here, they will really kill you without a doubt, especially if they see you in this condition. So, just shut up and don't say another damn word."

"So, you do care about me? That makes me happy to know."

As he said that, she began to wonder how he found her in the first place. He even knew she was going to use the exit at the backstage. She didn't bother asking him, though.

"You know what, Cassidy? I want to be with you forever and ever and ever. You should be my wife again," he continued to ramble, wishing for this moment to last longer.

"Shut up already..." she muttered with a frown - if only he knew how much his words pained her.

"You don't know what you're saying. You're absolutely insane."

"One day, I'm gonna make you my wife again. And then, we're gonna live beside a beach. You've always liked the ocean, right? We'll start over again, settle down and all, and have as many kids as we want. We'll have our own family. Isn't that lovely...? It sure does sound lovely."

He nodded as he stared at her with so much love, longing and admiration. At this point, she could already feel her face burning up.

"Cassidy, you are sooooo pretty."

Sighing, Cassidy just decided to ignore Adri

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