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For what seems like an hour, the two in-laws only continue exchanging looks with each other.

Confused by Edward's lack of response, Cassidy tilts her head for a bit and blinks quizzically. She didn't expect this kind of speechless reaction from him on their first meeting - as the eighteen-year-old her, that is. After all, she used to receive a cold welcome every time she met someone from the Millicent's household.

Edward may just be giving Cassidy the silent treatment instead since he isn't saying anything at all, but because she's not one to judge straight away, she goes ahead and takes the lead once more.

"It's nice meeting you, brother-in-law. I believe it's your son's birthday. May I ask where he is? I'm really excited to give him my present," she started again after a moment of silence between them.

"Oh, ummm... Don't you want to settle down and rest for now? Both of you look a little exhausted. I can just give him the present," he offered amicably, finally snapping out of his reverie.

"Nah, I'm fine, I'm fine~ This guy here might want that, though. He looks extra grumpy 'cause he's already hungry."

That's when Cassidy turns to her side - only to find Adrian shooting her an unamused look. She then smirks at him meaningfully while he just narrows his gaze in return. For some reason, he's starting to sense that she's up to something again.

In reality, she is indeed up to something.

Despite everything that happened, she's still planning to follow her scheme to leave early. All she's really here for is the celebrant, after all, and she's not about to play these rich people's social games by staying at this stuffy place.

For now, though, she needs to make her husband stay put at one spot, so she can easily speeds away with her new baby later.

"Just who're you calling extra grumpy? And I'm not grumpy to begin with," Adrian muttered flatly.

"Okay, okay... Let's just go with hungry..." Cassidy trailed off nonchalantly before looking back at his brother.

"He's hungry, in-law. Make sure to feed him a whole lot-"

"I'm not hungry either."

"Ughhh... Can you just play along? This is a birthday party for crying out loud, so you ought to eat."

"Why are you making it sound like I'm a glutton, though?"

"Look, just go and eat, okay?"

Edward only watches them banter again, stupefied by how they appear to be getting along in the strangest way possible for a couple.

He has no idea how he should perceive their current relationship. The air around them has apparently become a lot looser and lighter than before.

It seemed like his sister-in-law didn't only change on the outside. The way she treated her husband had remarkably taken a turn either.

"Excuse me, but I think both of you should really settle down now..." Edward cut in, troubled by the attention they kept gathering from everyone in the venue.

"You're already making a spectacle out of yourselves."

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