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Dying one's hair is not that hard of a process and doesn't really take a long while to finish, though it does consume a considerable amount of time when it's done without another person's help.

Cassidy did think of the idea of going to a salon for this, but she decided that she could just do it next time. She used to dye her hair all on her own in the past, and it's an experience that she quite enjoyed. That's why she wanted to try it out by herself again.

At this very moment, Cassidy finally stepped out of the bathroom after minutes of rinsing her hair. Now, she just needs to wait a moment more to let it dry and see the outcome.

"While I'm at it, I should go and see the beach. I think I'll also get some snacks to eat while I pass time there," she thought out loud as she made her way to the door.

Right after turning the doorknob, though, Cassidy came to a halt all of the sudden. She's flummoxed to find it locked from the outside. This gets her eyes widening like saucers and her mouth gaping a little.

"Huh? Did I lock myself in...?" she blurted out in disbelief and confusion.

"No, that's stupid. Why would I do that to myself? And as far as I know, this door can only be locked from here."

Thrown into a deep thought, Cassidy retracts her hand away from the door knob and tries to make sense of this. She then went ahead and just called for help from the maids outside. But despite knocking on the door repeatedly and shouting out loud, she ended up getting no response.

She kept doing this for five minutes straight but to no avail.

"Yeah, right. So much for watching over me..." Cassidy scoffed sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"I know for sure that they would just be around-"

Then, she paused.

That's when a realization suddenly struck her, finally helping her make sense of her current predicament. This is probably the strange feeling that she has earlier. Her premonition might be taking action right now.

"I see how it is..." Cassidy hissed underneath her breath, her gaze narrowing in miff.

"So, they locked me up."

Earlier, that head maid, Cecile, had been using quite an odd and almost scheming tone that made her think that they're up to something - most probably along with this Irish whom she claimed as the one behind the sudden reassigment.

As for what's exactly their reason for doing this, Cassidy is not sure yet. Regardless of the cause, their bad intention had already been spread out in broad daylight. They couldn't just lock her up out of nowhere and tell her later that it's a prank or something.

Knowing this twisted family, there must be a twisted reason why she has to be restrained like this.

"Too bad for them, though, I'm not one to play the role of some damsel in distress."

Now that they have pushed her buttons, Cassidy would just have to bring in yet another trouble.

She went to her walk-in closet and put on a new set of clothes - one that'

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