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After coming out of the water, the three boys went up to Adrian and greeted him.

Cassidy didn't quite expect that her husband would bend on his knees and engage in a casual conversation with them. Knowing how unfriendly he could get, she thought that he would not even smile in front of the children. The boys themselves seem comfortable talking with him.

He also appears so intimidating most of the time that even a.d.u.l.ts can't just talk with him casually.

"Though Uncle Adrian looks stricter than Dad, he has a good relationship with us. He takes care of us in his own way, and though it's not really obvious, he is easy to get along with sometimes," Damien chimed in from beside her, walking back to her as soon as he finished greeting his uncle.

"Really...? Then, I wonder why Hugo was hesitant to deny that he's some kind of a bad guy," Cassidy commented, somewhat looking a little dubious.

"Simply because Uncle always looks intimidating. Hugo won't understand it at his age - about how there are many layers to people that can obstruct others from seeing who they truly are, that is."

At that, she can't help but look at him with a surprised yet enlightened expression.

She thought that it's unusual to see someone sharing the same thinking as her and voicing it out loud like this. It's indeed undeniable that people don't have only one layer on them. Facades are easy to create, so there can be tons of them.

It's not just about physical appearances alone, but it also includes those demeanors and behaviors that people keep using as fronts to hide their true characters.

"You know, Damien. For your age, you can be quite a poet. You're a smart young man for realizing such things..." Cassidy commended while patting him on the head and smiling approvingly.

"I used to think that you're just pretending to be m.a.t.u.r.e, but now, I realized that you indeed are."

Damien blushes at her compliment - not because he was recognized, but for the reason that he knows it's genuine.

He always gets praised by others, so this is not unusual. In fact, it happens so many times that he's able to learn how to read people's thoughts, especially sophisticated ones, by taking note of their hollow-hearted tones and expressions. It's one of the many occasions that he feels underestimated only because he's younger.

But since his aunt said this one sincerely, he was glad and a bit proud for once -

And because it's her who said it, he felt genuinely appreciated.

At this point, Damien is certain that Cassidy is going to be a very special family member to him and his brothers. She's the easiest a.d.u.l.t to talk to, and she listens. Perhaps, she already is special at this very moment, which is why he can open up to her and say things he usually can't tell anybody.

"Say, Aunt... I have a question..." he then asked a bit reluctantly, turning serious all of the sudden.

"May I ask it even though I think it ca

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