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Cassidy was staring out to the window when the whole bouquets showdown was taking place, completely unaware of the Millicent brothers' mini confrontation.

Only then did she realize how lovely the evening scenery was. The sea of city lights seems to outshine the crystal-like brilliance of the stars above. There are also the hustles and bustles down below that make her sigh with a sense of yearning. As always, the outside world appears more enjoyable in her eyes - much more than the lavish setting of the dining hall she's currently in.

With those in mind, Cassidy can't help but mind the glass window as if it's the one that's separating her from the world she used to live in before.

'What if the orphanage is no longer there, though? I don't have any other home. Where else would I go once I left...?' she brooded quietly before suddenly stiffening at what she just thought.

'No longer there...? That can't be. What am I thinking? Why do I sound like... like it's indeed...'

"Aunty...!" Hugo called from behind her out of nowhere, making her snap out of her train of gloomy thoughts.

"Lookie here, Aunty! I've got a flower for you!"

At that, Cassidy turns around and finds the ecstatic-looking toddler. Hugo seems so exhilarated that his cute, fluffy cheeks are already flushed red. At the sight of his excitement alone, she can't help but smile broadly in endearment.

"My, thank you for this, Hugo. You're so sweet," Cassidy said before taking the red rose, making him brighten up even more in delight.

"It matches well with your dress!" Hugo chirped blithely.

"Here you go too, Aunt Cassidy," Joshua offered as he appeared behind his brother and handed a pink rose to her, catching her off guard.

"Oh, how kind of you, Joshua. Thank you as well. Both of your roses look beautiful..." she trailed off gratefully before mustering a questioning look.

"Where did you get these, by the way?"

"W-Well, ummm... I made it from air, Aunty-"

"Don't lie to her, Hugo!"

"But they won't be my gift anymore if I told her! Credits would go to Uncle Bossman."


That's when Cassidy tilted her head back up again and looked at the direction where they came from. It was their eldest brother's approaching figure that greeted her

Damien smiles at his aunt as soon as they lock eye contact. He then goes ahead and offers two roses to her, much to her pleasant surprise.

"Goodness..." Cassidy breathed out as she took the flowers.

"Thank you, Damien. To the three of you, thank you."

"You're welcome, Aunt. By the way, you look very beautiful tonight," Damien complimented like a debonair gentleman, making her giggle.

Seeing their aunt make such an airy, hearty laughter while blushing a little, both Hugo and Joshua get a bit jealous since she reacts that way only to their brother. With that, the former cuddles her lap once again while the latter pouts and huffs.

"I also think you look very beautiful, Au

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