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That evening, Adrian wasn't able to get a wink of sleep.

Right after forcing his wife to make out with him, he almost had his member kicked. But that's not really the end of things, and instead, Cassidy was only getting started.

It just happened that she brought out some of their extra pillows all of the sudden, catching him off guard. Using them, she then proceeded to make a fortress on the side of her bed that's facing him.

"From now on, stay five steps away from me! Don't touch me and don't watch me snoring!" she shouted angrily before flopping down on her bed and taking shelter behind her wall of pillows.

As much as Adrian wanted to repress this certain thought and just focus on his assaulted body part, he just couldn't - he couldn't help but think that Cassidy somehow looked adorable when she cowered behind the pillows. She also really didn't have to do that since their beds were already more than five steps away.

"Haaah... Just how childish can you be?" he sighed in exasperation before lying down on his own bed and just letting her be.

Now, it's already five in the morning.

Adrian ended up staying awake all night and up until the break of dawn.

For some reason, he couldn't keep himself from recalling the cascading chain of events yesterday. They kept repeating in his head over and over again. It's only Cassidy's first day in the mansion after her long stay in the hospital, but he feels as if a lot of things already happened.

The scene that Adrian can't get his mind off of the most is when he kissed Cassidy last night.

Even until now, he isn't sure what got to him. He never initiated something that intimate with anyone before. Everything was sort of new to him.

She's the one who's always taking the lead whenever they'd kiss before. Back then, he could feel her unquenchable thirst, the burning d.e.s.i.r.es on her slender fingertips as she touched him, and a strong sense of yearning in her affectionate, amorous gaze.

Now, when he's the one who took the lead, he realized that he somehow managed to absorb those things and put them into use. But as for what exactly made him do them, he had no idea.

Even then, Adrian couldn't deny that he got too caught up in the moment. For once, he was able to embrace everything about it - Cassidy's soothing warmth, smooth skin, lovely fragrance, and the sweetness of her hot, wet lips.

It's similar to the feeling of his eyes opening for the very first time.

With these thoughts in mind, Adrian stood up from his bed and walked a bit closer to his sleeping wife. He then takes a look behind her self-made fortress and sees her slumbering face.

Not only does she look like a mess with her hair splayed all across the pillow, but she's also snoring and drooling, making him sigh at how unladylike she had become even in her sleep. That's all until he caught sight of something the moment she suddenly rolled over and laid on her side.


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