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Cassidy is quite impressed to know that Adrian isn't really so much of a stick in the mud all the time that he'll let his wife handle a fist fight on her own.

And a fist fight - that's what she now chose to call their current predicament. It just happened that the other police officer went ahead to strike his own blow, clearly ticked off by how her husband taunted them.

Cassidy knows that she's no longer able to handle this situation by herself ever since things have gotten physical, but now that Adrian is backing her up - giving her confidence that it's possible to topple these three men over, she finds the intrepidity to go all out after quite a long while of staying inactive.

With that, she caught the arm of the officer who was aiming for her husband's face right before he could hit him. She then twisted it around before mustering her strength to pull and throw him over her back, making him scream out in pain. His entire body ended up making a full flip and dropping on the floor, causing a loud thud to echo around the place.

While Adrian reacts caught off guard by this, his eyes growing as wide as saucers, everybody else can only either gape or gawk in astonishment and awe.

"W-What the hell...?!" the Councilor's son bolted out exasperatedly, eyeing her in evident nonplus.

"J-Just who in the world-"

Yet before he could finish that off, Adrian proceeded to take on his other remaining companion and kick him in the gut with brute force, sending him practically flying backward. He was actually just about to land another punch on him when he decided to settle the scores once and for all.

"Ohhh~ Good kick, good kick...!" Cassidy cheered ebulliently, reacting impressed once again.

"Bet you learned that beautiful kick from me, huh?"

"What are you saying...?" Adrian huffed with his arms crossed, raising a conceited brow at her.

"Mine has more class. Yours is pure brutality."

"How rude! And here I just complimented you!"

"You sounded like you're just taking credits, though."

"But it's true! Do CEO's like you have kickings and punchings as part of your business too, then?"

"Much less an amnesiac housewife like you."

"For your information, they call me the goddess of gang fights before! People keep begging to learn from me-"

"You damned couple..." the Councilor's son then suddenly cut in again, glowering at the two while hissing underneath his breath.

"CEO...? Gang fight...? Just who the hell are you really?!"

Blowing his top off didn't save his ego in the end, though.

What he gets in return is the couple's menacing dagger glares. They make it look like interrupting their daily doses of banter is a big taboo. Now, he finds himself stiffening under their sharp, pointed gazes.

While Cassidy's crimson red irises seem to brim with malevolence, Adrian's hooded sapphire blue ones are bringing dominance into play again.

At such an overawing, spine-chill

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