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It was not only Olivia who was taken aback by what Cassidy just said - Charles also did not see that coming.

He knew her for being so kind that she's angelic - in and out, and she doesn't really make fun of others out of malice. But perhaps, there are just some things that she can't deal with using the same attitude. He was only mostly aware of her condition at work before, but he didn't have a good grasp of what was truly going on inside her own home.

Nevertheless, Cassidy is one who acts with a reason. Whether it is mainly driven by emotions or not, there has to be a strong enough cause to draw out such a strong reaction from her.

"How long were you here, by the way?" Cassidy inquired before going around the unmoving brunette and standing right in front of her.

"H-Huh...? Ummm... H-Half an hour... I think," Olivia answered reluctantly, confusion written over her expression.

"Say, is half an hour enough?"


"Was half an hour enough to make you realize how harsh the world could be? Knowing you two, you probably haven't even spent an hour of suffering before. Maybe, you should've taken more time."

"Y-You... A-Are you saying that we should suffer like this longer-"

"Not really. I sure don't hope that you'd die just like that. It gotta be a deathless suffering."

Olivia doesn't know if Cassidy is mocking them or looking out for them. It can be both. There's just this underlying message in her way of phrasing that out - one that made her think that the main reason why she wanted them to experience all these bad things was so that they would learn from them.

That they would change because of them, perhaps.

Now that Olivia thought about it, she wasn't sure herself how she ended up having that impression. After all, Cassidy is certainly not holding back in messing around with them despite her possible intentions.

"Hey there, Irene~! Wakie, wakie...!" the redhead called with a sing-song voice as she kneeled down before the brunette and poked her head playfully.

"Come on now. Don't hog the floor all to yourself. I thought you're only interested in human guys."

"Stop that...!" the blonde cut in, reacting appalled when she proceeded to pinch sister's cheeks this time.

"Can't you see that she's in no condition-"

"How can I? She's a drama queen, right? She could just be faking it again."

"Why, you...! She can't possibly be faking it at this rate-"

"You can say what you want, Ofelia. But I don't give free rides for lousy actresses. If she ends up to be conscious all along, she can move her ass. If she's not, then I'll carry her. I'm just checking."

Olivia is stunned by this. It turned out that Cassidy wasn't acting like this out of mere malice. She did want to help. However, she can still sense a perturbing smell of mischief from her. Getting her aid will certainly be not simple.

"And I think that we should do, Ma'am Cassidy..." Charles then chimed in from behind th

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