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Back at the present timeline, Asher has taken Cassidy away in secret.

No one from the Millicent's knew that they were together for almost a day now. They went back to the place where they grew up together - a place full of nostalgic feelings and buried memories. It was their home, but as soon as they arrived in their exact destination, they both thought that it didn't look like one anymore.


At that very moment, Cassidy stands frozen in front of what she has used to call home.

However, the orphanage is no longer there. It is just this vacant lot with a myriad of trees and a lush field of grasses. What's more, it appears to be in the middle of the nowhere. There are no surrounding houses or any nearby structures. It is downright empty of human life and of everything that has once been there.

"W-Where...? W-Where is my family?" Cassidy asked Asher with a terrified look to which he only returned a deeply remorseful and grief-stricken expression.

"I'm sorry, Cassie, but they... There had been a huge fire incident when you were nineteen-year-old. Including the caretaker, almost everyone died. Only five of the orphans had survived."

Hearing that, she felt like breaking into millions of pieces.

Her whole body went numb and stayed unmoving for the next seconds to come. Tears began to pool her eyes before streaming down the sides of her face like a cascade. Incalculable pain and unimaginable grief start to torment her - so, so much that she feels like dying herself right then and there.

'The family I wanted to protect... I worked so hard to keep us from going bankrupt. I could not even focus on my studies anymore. I worked myself to death and protected the children from those who had tried to harm them. I became a delinquent to know my ways around life - to survive everyday alongside them...' Cassidy silently agonized over as she fell on her knees and stooped her head low.

'And yet, in the end, this was what happened.'

She still doesn't know the whole story, but she feels like she can't bear to hear any more. Losing the memory of her family dying was the worst that this amnesia brought her. All this time, she thought that there was still a home that she could go back to. She was raring to reunite with them, but now, there was no one here who would welcome her back.

"I'm sorry for making you go all through this again..." Asher apologized before kneeling down before her and gathering her trembling figure in his arms.

"I also wasn't there to protect you all. We were still in hiding back then. Remember the guy you kept calling Mister Shady?"

"H-Huh...? M-Mister Shady...? W-What about him?" Cassidy questioned hesitantly, appalled at the thought that something similar to this had happened to him.

"We were pursued by the craziest group that had ever chased us, right? The reason why we left this place and cut off ties with you was because we were still being targeted. That was why we had

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