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Adrian is drowning in a sea of emotions right now.

Ever since Cassidy started singing and playing the guitar as if strumming his heartstrings along with it, he remained torn between approaching her and staying put there like a lovesick fool. He badly wanted to go up to that stage, pull her in his arms, and take her home with him. There were so many things that he wanted to do at that moment, but he refrained himself and chose to settle with his original plan -

To watch her from a distance, that is.

Adrian was not sure if Cassidy was only trolling them when she said she was going to serenade them, though. He was expecting a love song, but it ended up to be not like that at all. It's a freaking break-up song - some bittersweet music for the broken hearts and loveless souls.

And knowing that it is most likely dedicated to her douche of a husband, Adrian finds himself guilty as charged. So, instead of a serenade, it turned out to be one silent torture to him.

"She's good, ain't she?"

At that, Adrian turns away from Cassidy looks at Bryan for a moment.

Little did he know that the bartender had been observing him for some time now. As much as he didn't want to sound like some creep, he could tell that anyone who'd get to see his expression would be drawn to him as well - no doubt, he's got the look of someone in love.

"Cassie does more than charm everybody with her singing, though. She helped a lot in building this whole place. Such a hardworking, down-to-earth woman..." Bryan started with a smile, feeling like sharing a thing or two about his subject of interest.

"But don't go hitting on her later, okay? She's already got a hubby."

"Hubby...? You mean... a husband?" Adrian asked with a quizzical look.

"Yeah. Never heard anything else past that, though. So, I myself kinda doubt that."

"Is she from around here?"

"Little is known about her personal life, but if you're that interested, why don't you start by reading some magazines?"

"Magazines? Why?"

"She's a rising model. You can see her at some-"

"Wait, what?!"

Caught off guard by that accidental discovery, Adrian suddenly staggered and nearly fell off of his seat. With a pair of saucer-like eyes, he then blinks at Bryan in disbelief while he only smiles in return. He didn't seem to be messing around - to begin with, he couldn't see any reason for him to mess around.

'A model? Why did Charles say nothing about this? Was he also not aware? But that's not possible.'

And with that, Adrian was left puzzling over a lot of questions - time and again. But in the end, he just decided to ask Bryan where he could buy those magazines.

"That's your third bottle now. You going for more?" Bryan inquired, a little taken aback by how much of a heavy drinker he was.

"Yeah. Still could use a few more," Adrian replied without looking, already back to pouring his whole attention on Cassidy.

"Oh, man... I told you not to hit on her. Bu

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