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Everyone at the courtyard comes to a halt as soon as a black clad hot-wheeled motorcycle comes rushing in the scene.

It just happened that the vehicle stopped right exactly at the middle of the venue - in the midst of the sea of well-dressed ladies and spruce-looking gentlemen. At this uncalled-for arrival, a round of chatters immediately ensues and follows the gasps of surprise.

While some react astonished, others are utterly confounded. Their entrance was so sudden that they thought there's a flash mob that's about to happen.

"Huh? Who are those two?" Joshua asked from beside his brothers.

"I... have no idea," Damien blurted out with a dumbfounded look, thinking that they couldn't be invited by his grandmother nor aunts - considering how audacious they were to bring a motorcycle all the way in.

"Scary... That woman in black looks scary, brother..." Hugo said tremulously as he hid behind the two, though he still continued to take a peek at the scene.

Everyone can't make out who these two latecomers are since they're still wearing their helmets. Nevertheless, the woman's daring attire and her companion's prepossessing aura are undeniably compelling.

Knowing that youngsters like them can only do little in this situation, Damien just discreetly glances at the direction of their father and grandmother. They should know what's up since they're the ones who handled the guests list.

Contrary to his expectation, though, both of them appear to be as clueless as everybody else.

"What a brash way of showing up late and gathering people's attention like this..." Gertrude muttered underneath her breath, not pleased with the commotion they're stirring.

"Where are the security guards? They should know better than letting strangers in."

Since everyone in the party had arrived in cars and vans, she came up with the idea that these people were uninvited. Then again, all the visitors are more than aware that this is a high-class event. That's why it takes quite a strong sense of audacity to bring a mere motorbike in a posh and fancy setting like this.

"Oh, wow~ How romantic!" Irish suddenly cooed as she stood behind her mother together with her sister.

"I can't see how's arriving late is romantic, sis..." Olivia deadpanned while she continued to watch the latecomers with a blank expression.

"Many things must've happened that caused them to arrive late! S.e.xy things included. Think about those~!"

"This is no time for side comments, girls. Your nephew's party is being disrupted," their mother chided with her arms crossed, shooting a sharp gaze at them.

"But Mother, they're not even doing anything yet-"

"Oh, shush. They already dragged their toy bike here."

"Calm down, ladies. And no need for guards. I'll go attend to them," Edward chimed in from beside the three, finally silencing them.

With that, he excuses himself and proceeds to make his way to the latecomers. All th

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