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That very morning, while the mice went out to play, a certain cat came with a different kind of game.

Irish went to pay a visit at the beach house that Adrian prepared for Cassidy. Her mother had ordered her to fetch her instead after they failed to contact both of them through their cellphones.

Despite the hassle of getting there, she still complied for the sake of her own entertainment.

After all, it's been a long while since Irish had her last face-to-face exchange with her sister-in-law. She knew that she changed a lot, but that didn't really change how she saw her. If anything, it just amused and piqued her curiosity even more.

The side of her that she witnessed last night did take her aback. But even then, she realized that things wouldn't really be any less interesting at all.

That woman is still Cassidy, after all, and she will always be an interesting little thing to play with.

"My, my~ What a beautiful morning we're having," Irish mused out loud with a sing-song voice as she savored the lovely scenery.

With two bodyguards in tow, the brunette is now taking a stroll beside the road leading to her destination. She's wearing a revealing white dress with a pair of sunglasses in her eyes and a frilly parasol in hand to block herself from the sunlight.

Beside her is a perfect view of the ocean in its early morning glory - with the scintillating sun beaming down at her, the refreshing breeze billowing all around, and the captivated looks she keeps getting from all the guys who can't help but ogle her.

When one of the topless male surfers managed to lock eye contact with her, she did him a favor and winked at him seductively. This got him blushing and smirking while his other companions could only make a ruckus out of envy. Right then, a guy riding a bicycle happened to get a bit too close to her, which she found as a perfect opportunity to spread her flairs even more.

"Hey there, hot stuff," she cooed flirtatiously, distracting the bicyclist and nearly making him fall over after being hit by her charms.

Irish has always been the one to enjoy standing under the spotlight like this.

She is proud of her unparalleled beauty as well as her engaging personality, which she doesn't fail to display every time there's a pair of eyes watching her. That makes her the playful and attention-loving type of woman, running around breaking hearts and never settling with a single man.

Then again, as a movie actress, she belongs to the entertainment world - she's there to please crowds but doesn't let herself become too attached with anyone.

"Speaking of, I really got to hurry now. As much as I want to take my sweet time getting to know the new Cassidy, I've got two dates this afternoon," Irish recalled silently the moment she and her bodyguards finally arrived in front of the mansion.

That's when she found herself halting her train of thoughts and needing to double take.

As soon as

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