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Adrian woke up that morning to find his wife missing.

Since he slept at one of the guest's rooms, he first thought that Cassidy was still sleeping back in her bedroom. But after Cecile informed him that she already had her breakfast half an hour ago, he began looking around for her inside the mansion.

"Excuse me, President. If you don't mind me asking, aren't you going off to work now?" the head maid asked after he ordered some of the houseworkers to continue searching.

"No, I'm not. I'll be taking a break from work for three days," he simply replied, taking her aback.

'Three days? So, he means he's gonna be around here until they go back home? That's definitely rare. He can hardly stay put for even at least an hour before...' Cecile thought silently before making a convinced expression.

'I think it's as good as reality now. Ma'am Cassidy is really starting change the President - now that he's putting her above his precious work and everything else, that is."


After minutes of looking for Cassidy, Seven steps right up and informs Adrian about her text message earlier that morning - about her playing somewhere around the beach, that is.

Instead of sending out people to confirm that, he decided to go there himself. He puts on a plain white chino and a pair of grey pants with a brown leather belt before eventually taking off.

"Why did she have to text her bodyguard first instead of sending it straight to me? What's the use of giving her my contact number, then...?" Adrian muttered underneath his breath, a little annoyed.

"And what's up with her telling me to refrain myself from flipping over the whole mansion?"

It's not like he wasn't about to do just that, though.

He almost made a commotion first thing in the morning after learning that his wife was nowhere to be found. His anxiety would really tend to skyrocket whenever she's not around. It's giving him the impression that she's beginning to hold his emotional state captive, especially at the rate of how this is going.

"I just hope she didn't go past our private beach. There's no one with her. Though there are gates around, I bet she's sneaky enough to jump over them or something."

Fortunately, Cassidy had stayed near the mansion.

Adrian eventually found her after a brief while of walking around. Much to his surprise, she turns out to have some companions too. He didn't expect that their nephews would be out in the beach this early.

"Now that I think about it, Edward did say that his sons would like to visit Cassidy. Looks like they already met up here by coincidence," he mused out loud as he only continued watching the four of them all the way from the shore.

At the moment, Cassidy is teaching Hugo how to swim while his elder brothers are giving him moral support from the sideline.

For their youngest brother's sake, Damien and Joshua decided to hold their playtime and watch him for now. Since it's th

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