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For what seems like a fleeting eternity, Adrian stares at Cassidy with fondness and yearning.

Even though they're sitting right in front of each other, he looks at her longingly as if she is out of his reach. There's a soft and warm glint in his ocean blue orbs that makes him appear like a different person - different from that detached and cold man that she used to know.

His gentle gaze makes Cassidy feel unusually absorbed. The fact that Adrian rarely displays his inner thoughts and emotions like this is probably the main reason for that. Though he already began doing that more often these days, she still found it a little hard to take everything in.

'More like, I don't want to believe it. I'm not asking him to do these things, anyway. While it's better that we can get along instead of fighting all the time, he doesn't need to go to this extent. Really, he doesn't need to, especially since I'll just leave in the end...' Cassidy pondered silently while casting down her gaze.

'I guess I have to tell him more clearly - why he shouldn't do these things anymore, that is. I don't see him romantically like before, and I don't think I want to go back there after everything. I don't want to lead him on.'

Adrian caught how she averted her eyes and started looking withdrawn. He can tell that she isn't having any of his heartfelt confession again. But even then, he only chooses to spread an understanding smile, not blaming her for what she thinks about his words.

After all, Adrian already knows that simply saying them will never be enough, and he has long decided to show her how he feels through his actions instead. Yet from time to time, he just finds the need to put them into words like this.

"I know this is too sudden, but... I'm so sorry for everything. I'm sorry for taking this long to realize how much I screwed up. Though I know that this kind of apology will not make up to anything, I still want to say it," Adrian continued before reaching out his hand and putting it on top of hers.

Seeing the remorseful look on his face, Cassidy can't seem to shove him away - she can't even move a finger.

When he holds her hand tenderly before squeezing it a bit, she can only look back at him in flummox, still not saying a thing. Both his loving touch and firm gaze appear to be withholding a thousand words - words of regrets, adoration, endearment, d.e.s.i.r.es, and as much as she doesn't wan to admit it, there's love.

"Just please..." he continued, sounding somewhat breathless and anguished.

"Please, don't push me away, Cassidy. I'll do anything you want. Everything you want - I'll give it to you, so please... Please, stay with me."

And all of a sudden, he becomes desperate.

Perhaps, he has read her thoughts about leaving. Otherwise, he might have felt that she would tell him to stop already, which she did plan to do. No matter what is the reason behind his uncalled-for plea, it does nothing but st

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