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Cassidy has never been in such an uncomfortable position in her whole two weeks of living in this twenty-six years old body of hers.

It just happened that she suddenly found herself riding on this lavish vehicle, all tongue-tied and wide-eyed in immense astonishment. Seated right in the middle of two stunning men, she ended up staying completely rigid and stiff, a bit intimidated by the fact that this amount of luxury before her isn't even the tip of the iceberg yet.

As they get nearer and nearer to their destination, the picture in her head is getting clearer and clearer - her husband is indeed a wealthy and affluent person through and through.

Cassidy still hasn't even recovered from her surprise when Adrian appeared out of nowhere either. Right when she thought she'd get back home in peace, he really had to bring a blizzard first - acting as cold and apathetic as usual.

"Gosh, this man... He didn't even greet me earlier. All he did was sternly order us to hop inside," she deadpanned in silence, frowning in annoyance.

Glancing at Adrian through the corners of her eyes, Cassidy finds him looking outside of the window, his chin propped over his hand nonchalantly. It's as if she isn't there at all. He isn't uttering any word or showing any sign of asking how she has been doing.

"It would not make a difference if Charlie just took me home, then..." she thought with a small sigh before turning to look at the other side.

Charles is just sitting there quietly, gaze glued ahead. He appears like he's in work mode now with how he seems to be acting as formal and emotionless as possible.

"Or maybe his bossman's blizzard just bites him too?" she wondered to herself, smirking amusedly.

As Adrian kept staring at reflection of the car window, he suddenly saw how Cassidy turned to face his secretary and mustered a somewhat teasing look. This caught him off guard for a bit, getting even more curious as to how close they must've gotten for the past days.

He decided to have Charles attend to Cassidy for now since he knew a lot about the family and their business. He could tell her whatever she wanted to ask and trust that he's saying the plain truth - something that should've been the husband or another relative's job.

What Adrian didn't expect, however, was that they'd start acting a bit more loosened up than before.

The two of them were always keeping things professional between them. They never engaged in casual talks in the open and had never shown such expressions around each other back then.

"Oh, right, Charlie...!" Cassidy chimed in all of the sudden, taking both of them aback.

"Char... lie...?" Adrian spelled out in his head, eyes widening a little in surprise.

"As I was saying, the grannies earlier gave me these lollipops. They told me to hand one for you either. So, here, pick what you like!" she offered blithely before stretching out her hands to show a bunch of candies.

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