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Even up until this minute, Adrian is still fuming despite the fact that Cassidy is able to handle the confrontation in a civilized manner.

Such a scene is a reminder that this strong-headed and unpredictable wife of his is good at dealing with her stuff, which often turns out to be weird and the least expected. But then, he never thought that taming animals like this was one of her repertoires.

"Here, Sir..."

While in the middle of having these thoughts, a cold glass was nudged on his knuckle out of nowhere, making Adrian focus his attention back to the counter. That's when he met the pub owner's thin smile.

"No alcohol. Just a pineapple c.o.c.ktail. In the house..." he offered to which he just blinked in surprise before eventually accepting it and thanking him.

"Your girlfriend there sure knows how to handle her fight, huh?"

"She's not my girlfriend..." he corrected, smirking at the thought that his wife just got praised in the most appropriate way for once.

"Though you're right about her handling her fight... I might even hold her coat when things get bloody."

Adrian isn't sure why his c.h.e.s.t somewhat puffs with pride at how the pub owner sounds really impressed.

Perhaps, it's because he rarely hears anyone praising Cassidy, and when someone does, it's always on point. Even way back before, she doesn't usually get complimented, but whenever she received one, he couldn't deny that at all.

Her remarkable traits have always been these small little things that are hard to take notice of. Only when someone pointed those out would he realize that these praiseworthy notes about her did exist after all.

He knew that they'd been there the whole time, but he never got to bring the topic up nor say them out loud.

"Or more like, I chose to be so busy with other things that I wasn't able to pay enough attention to her at all," Adrian suddenly found himself thinking, his smirk dropping.

"Be careful with those other two, Sir. The leader is a Councilor's son and his companions are police officers. They can arrest anyone here in just a snap," the owner warned out of nowhere, making him snap out of his thoughts again.

At that, Adrian tightly gripped the glass and gulped down half of the content before slamming it back on the table. Though he's a powerful leader himself, he has witnessed such scenarios play in real life many times before. He always considers bad cops and abusive officials as a disgrace to society.

"Oh, they're backing out..."

The owner's hushed words obstructed his pondering, making Adrian turn back to the ongoing confrontation. He was surprised to find that Cassidy was able to flip the tide in just a matter of minutes, which he had expected to happen sooner.

At the corner of his eye, he noticed how some of the other customers relaxed the moment the police officers stepped back. The pub owner seemed to have noticed the changes as well. With that, the suffoca

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