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Adrian has to admit that Asher possesses quite the social skills, and with how he keeps acting all friendly, it gets to the point that it can even be viewed as something misleading.

Asher still has his arm over his shoulders, and their faces remain close to each other. He's probably the type who's fond of violating the laws of personal space. An inch more and Adrian will definitely consider it past beyond the distance he will allow with a man.

Ray, on the other hand, is really starting to get the impression that Asher is into guys - first Charles, and now Adrian. Otherwise, he is just one slimy dude, and it goes with how he appears to be the tactile kind of person.

"Hey, old man Ray! I'm not into hunks!" Asher suddenly exclaimed with a peeved expression, looking like he just read his thoughts.

"You're one slimy dude, then..." Adrian deadpanned as if he just read his thoughts as well, still annoyed by how the blonde was getting carried away with being chummy.

"Well, if you really want to stay with me that much, that's fine."

"Huh?" both of his companions blurted out in sync, not seeing that coming.

That's when Adrian held Asher by his collar out of nowhere, intently staring at him straight in the eye. Taken aback, all he can do is blink at him and try to figure out what's up this time. He doesn't look riled up, but there's this palpable intensity in his gaze that tells him how serious he's taking everything in.

"I'll make sure to squeeze out every single detail from you, Slimy. You won't get away from me until you reveal everything you know..." Adrian muttered tauntingly, catching him off guard for a second.

"And if you ever dare to do something to my wife, I'll kill you in an instant."

"Hehhh~" Asher just purred in sly amusement, smirking impishly.

Their exchange was cut off when they heard some sort of booming noise of fired bullets from outside that lounge all of the sudden.

Shell-shocked, the three of them immediately swerve around in its direction. It turns out to be the prompt that they unknowingly need to get their focus back on the ongoing pursuit out there.

"President, Asher... Hold off the chit-chat for now. Let's get going," Ray told them firmly, readying his gun once more.


Olivia carries on with her outburst as the shooters draw nearer and nearer to where they are.

With how weak she is at the moment, she can't drag Irish out of there by herself. She can't do a single thing. Her current mental and emotional states are also too unstable, adding to the burdens she has to take. Even if she tries to go out there and look for help, she is too numb to make a move.

She is frozen still. Fear and terror have engulfed her entirety.

And all Olivia could do was cry so hard that she had to cover her mouth to repress her sobs and avoid getting noticed by the oncoming peril.

She never experienced anything like this before. She never felt so helpless and useless.

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