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Two whole months full of new experiences, fresh relationships, shared moments, cherished feelings, and crucial discoveries - all gone in the blink of an eye.

Adrian ended up with retrograde amnesia after the car crash. He lost his memories from the past two months - starting from the time he spied on Maruschca and followed her to the orphanage up until the unfortunate conclusion of the previous pursuit. With Grisham handling the aftermath, things had even gotten worse than that.

"We went abroad two months ago, my dear grandson. That's why we're not in our home country right now. I took you with me so that you could start training to be the next head of our family business. You are the successor of the Millicent."

That was the excuse that his grandfather used to tell him after he recovered and found himself in a whole different place. He lied to him and proceeded to manipulate him from that point on.

What Adrian did not know was that Grisham took him abroad only a week ago. He even lied to his parents and siblings, saying that he must be treated at another country. Doctors were bribed, hospital records were surreptitiously altered, and everything else was perfectly handled using power, wealth and influence.

"What about my elder brother? I thought he was going to succeed Father? I'm just going to have a lower position, right?" was what naive little Adrian asked him back then.

"I trust my judgement. You possess impressive leadership skills and abilities - that's what you proved to me during those whole two months. If it wasn't only for that car accident, your studies would have gone by smoothly," was what the ever cunning and devious Grisham answered.

"Will I continue to live here with you, then? What about my family? Will we not go back?"

"Don't worry. We will after you completed your training. You can still visit them, but only for a brief while. You have to focus on your goals."

Someone as meticulous and intelligent as this grandson of his should never hold this kind of power - he knows that. He can learn about his crimes once again, and with this authority, he is capable of doing much more than what he could have done before. In other words, he is too dangerous, and this decision is too risky.

However, it was exactly because of those things that Grisham had to keep an eye on him all the time. The seat of CEO would keep Adrian under his watch and supervision - he would not be on the loose like last time. By training him himself, he would make him see through his eyes. He would make him adapt his values and ways of thinking, which would consequently get him on his side.

Besides, he was not lying when he praised him. The power to stay anonymous while conducting his research on their corporation was something not anyone could do. They need that kind of ability in this industry.

If only Adrian hadn't lost his memories, Grisham would have also discovered the identities of his accomplices. Yet as he ex

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