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It was a good thing that Gilmore was there despite his comically easygoing attitude.

With him scolding Adrian and Asher about disregarding Cassidy and her present condition, both of them felt so guilty that they decided to call it off in the meantime. Since she felt like her fever got worse because of that incident, she was really grateful to the doctor. If only she was in a better state, she would have smacked them off herself.

Edward and Charles also did her the favor of dealing with the aftermath and moving the conversation outside of the room. That way, she would be able to rest peacefully. As much as she wanted to know what would happen, she could not handle any more of it. Otherwise, she would burn up so much that she might have to stay in the hospital for more than a week.

And so, Cassidy rested.

It took her until the afternoon of the next day to gain a much more bearable condition.

"Cecile? Cecile? Where are you...?" she moaned as she was stirring awake from her sleep.

"My stomach's rumbling. I'm hungry-"

"Now, that's not good. Here, I prepared something for you."

Instead of Cecile, the one who gets to greet her is Adrian.

Cassidy is taken aback the moment she opens her eyes and finds him sitting on a chair beside her bed. He appears to be reading a book with a pair of eyeglasses on that makes him look like one hot specimen. She blushes upon seeing that and getting attracted right away.

"Cassidy? What's wrong?" Adrian asked after noticing how unsettled she suddenly seemed.

"N-Nothing... I-It just sure is hot in here," Cassidy lied while averting her gaze.

"Really? Should I lower the temp of the AC, then?"

"It's fine. Maybe it's only the fever."

"Can you sit up? I'll feed you. You haven't really eaten much since last night."

"Huh? Y-You will... feed me?"

He assists her in getting a more comfortable and upright position before proceeding to fetch a bowl of what she thinks is soup or porridge. She only watches him in silence the whole time he is preparing her food, unknowingly charmed by how he has rolled up his sleeves and loosened his necktie for a bit. He looks more than ready to nurse her or something.

Nothing seems wrong until Adrian goes back to his seat and provides Cassidy a better look at him. That is when she finds a small bruise at the side of his lip.

"Your face... Is that from last night?" she blurted out, staggering and paling a little.

"Oh, this...?" he replied and realized that he must not have perfectly covered his bruise.

"I'm alright. This is nothing."

"You two really took it too far."

While he lowered his head in shame and guilt, she only heaved a sigh and stared at him in understanding. She is aware that he is a short-tempered one, but he knows better than engaging in something like a fistfight out of all things. It's also rare of him to let his emotions take over to that extent.

"I didn't like how that slimy guy sneaked in

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