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Just as Irish promised, she left together with Olivia and Edward after she finished giving Adrian her love advice.

It turned out that it was actually their eldest brother whom she mainly decided to visit there - not him. That explained why the three of them were together. She confessed that she was only messing around when she said she went there to see him and poke her nose in his business.

"Or so she said. You do know Irish, right? From now on, she will most probably use me as an excuse to see you again..." was what Edward told Adrian before they left his office that time.

"Hopefully, your doors will still be open for us, Adrian."

Even Charles was somewhat impressed by the love advice that Irish gave. There is no underlying tone or hidden agenda behind her words. She was advising him with a pure and genuine intention, completely disregarding their strife and falling-out for a moment.

It seems to Charles that Adrian has still taken the gesture with a grain of salt. To him, their familial discord had left a permanent mark on their relationship. He can't blame him for thinking so, though. His persisting resentment and inconceivable ire are understandable.

"But in any case, I think it'll do you good to follow Ma'am Irish on this one. She's a woman, and she's got tons of experiences. What she said also kind of made sense to me," was what Charles said back then as a way to second what Irish advised.

And so, Adrian decided to do as he was told.

"Well, yeah, you can still pursue her. But at the same time, do what you do best - stay anonymous. Don't let her know that it's you," was basically what the love advice all about.

With that, he took a day off on that weekend and went to where his wife was working at. Of course, he did this all while in disguise. He put on a hoodie and a cap, dressing up like how he did way back before. The image he went after was the one that she called 'gloomy' and 'depressing' in the past - not because he was trying to attract her attention in a different way, but because that was the only look he knew how to use aside from being 'neat' and 'tidy'.

At any rate, Adrian can't afford getting caught if he doesn't want to displease Cassidy.


After an hour of driving out of the city, Adrian finally reached the sports bar where Cassidy was said to be working at.

He had to admit that it was far. The place is actually located a little beyond the borders of the urban area. That in itself already tells about her seriousness - his wife really wants to get away from him as far as possible.

Adrian entered the bar without any particular expectation aside from it being tailored to a specific clientele and having screens all around to televise the latest sports events. He was quite relieved when he found it filled by a somewhat refined and couth crowd - no dudes looking as if they had killed people on the streets nor rebels who were always in for some hole-in-the-wall bar fights

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