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The Millicent's aren't only well-known and distinguished in terms of their achievements and contributions in various fields, but they're also famed for all the exquisite social gatherings they host.

With that said, the party venue is jaw-droppingly opulent just as everyone expected.

The celebration is presently being held at the spacious courtyard of the mansion. Said residence turns out to be a palatial French country house with cream-colored wall exteriors that match the roadway leading to its entrance gate.

The place is as grandiose as the ones in Versailles, France or those in Loire Valley, but it still has this humble ambiance that seems to be enough to say that the mansion holds a number of cultural and historical interactions.

Just beyond the intricate copper gates, a garden full of roses and hanging lanterns would come into view. There are several tables neatly arranged all around the grassy ground along with long rectangular ones on the inclined hill.

The setting is only but the tip of the iceberg, though. Those who are currently occupying the space are the real deal.

Ranging from fellow affluent figures to prominent personalities and celebrities, all the visitors in the birthday party are of prestige and class. Reputable families were invited, and many of them were the relatives of the celebrant's friends and schoolmates.

However, the thirteen-year-old boy appears to be far from thrilled despite the amicable smile on his face. As he sits on the chair on top of a slightly elevated platform at the front of the venue - surrounded by a mountain of presents and some other party decors all the while, he just continues to watch the blindingly dazzling scene before him in silence.

Unlike the guests who all appear to be thoroughly enjoying the luxuries of his extravagant birthday party, he finds it not entertaining at all.

"Damien..." called Edward as soon as he noticed his son's strange silence.

"Aren't you enjoying the party so far? Your brothers and your friends are waiting for you to get down there."

"Give me a break, Dad. I just finished talking with the a.d.u.l.ts a minute ago. It was really tiring..." huffed the teen, his smile drooping a little in exhaustion.

"They all speculate that I'm going to be taking engineering like you. Why were they even talking about college already? I just turned thirteen today."

His son really resembles him whenever he complains. Although he got most of his features from his deceased mother, including his ebony black hair, the hidden depth of his bluebell eyes reminds him of himself when he's younger.

As the eldest among his three sons, Damien often displays a level of maturity that makes him appear not his age. While most others commend him for being a promising Millicent, Edward knows that it's just his facade. He's aware that he's only acting every time he's in front of people.

History is simply repeating itself, though - genera

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