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Adrian needed a few more seconds to completely take in what's happening.

With his eyes as wide as an owl's, he just continues to stare at the screen of his phone. His video chat with Cassidy is now displaying a heated dance competition between her two bodyguards.

The scene appears comical with their fierce expressions. Yet at the same time, it looks astonishing with how their crazy dance moves are stirring up the large audience that they have gathered.

"Woahhh... Look at em' go..." Edward suddenly chimed in from beside him, his head slightly nodding along with the beat of the music that's coming from his brother's phone.

"Your bodyguards can compete in the next international dance contest."

Adrian only gives him a look for a moment, a bit taken aback to find him enjoying this madness.

As he was about to comment on this with a flat look on his face, he suddenly heard Cassidy laughing lightheartedly. The melodious tune of her genuine expression of mirth got him swerving his head back to the screen. That's when he saw her cheering for her bodyguards along with the applauding crowd.

Right then, Adrian found himself heaving a sigh of relief.

He thought for sure that his wife would come saying that the security's too stiff or she felt like a prisoner the whole time. She did say something along those lines back when they got trapped in the middle of the road yesterday. But then, it seemed like she's able to have fun with her new bodyguards in the end.

"How surprising, Adrian..." Edward started again out of nowhere, making him turn to look back at him.

"I was expecting that you're gonna blow a fuse and scold her. This kind of fun had never been in your vocabulary before, after all. Seems like you've really softened up."

"I don't know about softening up or whatnot, and I might still blow a fuse if something bad ends up happening because of this, but..." Adrian trailed off before facing ahead again and spreading a ghost of a smile.

"As long as she's enjoying what she's doing without putting herself in danger, I'll take it as a good kind of fun."

"You might as well be saying that your wife's finally teaching you what fun means."

"You're making me look like the very definition of boredom, Edward."

"Not really. You're just impassive and apathetic most of the time."

"Well, that's hard to do with Cassidy around."

Edward falls silent at this, still not used to hearing Adrian call his wife by her first name. With how unrelenting he was in calling her by her maiden name back then, it now almost felt like he's saying another woman's name.

But then again, his 'Eleanor' and his 'Cassidy' really seem like two different women. With her memories gone, she acts like an entirely new person. The way she treats her husband is so different from before, which then makes him wonder one certain thing.

"Adrian..." Edward called out again, turning serious all of the sudden.

"If y

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