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Stunned by Cassidy's casual greeting that seems to come out like a foreign language to them, most of them blink in bewilderment while others gape a little as they are unsure of how to respond.

Silence then stretches on for a moment. Their expressions are saying that this is their first time seeing her unrefined side. Right now, she appears anything but a fine lady of high society that she is supposed to be known of.

'Homies? What homies? Is that a crude word...?' Olivia wondered with a stupefied look, uncertain if she already heard that word before even though she used to study foreign languages in college.

'Nevertheless, what an impolite way of greeting the guests. Adrian will not be pleased by that-'

Contrary to her expectation, though, Adrian is far from displeased.

If anything, he looks like he is trying so hard to stay straight-faced. He seems to be holding back his laughter at everyone's dumbfounded reaction to his wife's otherworldly greeting - or at least, it's otherworldly for people of their status and league.

'My brother? Holding back his laughter? T-That can't be,' Olivia thought in incredulity, stupefied all over again.

"Cassidy..." Adrian then finally started as he put his arm over her shoulders this time, breaking the silence.

"I think everyone wants to know what 'homies' mean before they can respond to you. Care to teach them your language?"

At that, Olivia only makes a deadpan expression, unamused.

She never imagined a day that this impassive brother of hers would make such a petty attempt in humor. Perhaps, that's also what Edward and Irish are thinking since they only continue looking at their sibling with incredulity, wondering if he's really just kidding around.

"Ughhh... You two..." Gertrude called with an exhausted and raspy voice, sounding like she just woke up from a nightmare.

"Just settle down already. Our dinner has seen enough interruptions. Go get to your seats."

Like a kindergarten teacher beckoning a couple of toddlers to sit down, she waves at them dismissively. She can't afford to lose her composure in front of their visitors. They already made quite a scene, so she was not about to add another one and continue to go off track.

As much as Gertrude wants to take out her stress on her daughter-in-law tonight, she knows that she doesn't have enough time. With that, she only glances at Irish who is still scowling beside her, entrusting the plan to deal with the troublemaker. Her daughter picks up almost instantly and simply nods.

"See? I told you that she's gonna faint. Go call an ambulance," Cassidy whispered to her husband.

"She's just probably mad 'cause we showed up late again and you're dressed like that. You already know how Mother exaggerates things when she's angry," Adrian mumbled back as he escorted her to their seats.

Right then, though, they find out that there is only one remaining chair.

This is understandable i

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