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Cassidy could not believe that she forgot this particular trait of his.

All this time, Adrian looks like an indestructible fortress - impassive, unfeeling and enigmatic. But that's only how he looks on the outside. Staying by his side for many years had given her more than a glimpse of who he truly was. And what she saw at those times was this arrogant coward who kept acting like he could carry everything on his own like some god.

In reality, Adrian is the loneliest person Cassidy has ever seen.

At this very moment, he appears like he is barely holding onto a nonexistent glimmer of hope. He seems so, so exhausted that it shows through his wavering gaze, but he still tries to hide it by holding his ground and keeping himself together. Then, there is that look in his eyes - gone were the cold iciness and the fleeting happiness. He has been stripped all the way down to who he really is.

Adrian most probably thinks that he no longer deserves anything good in this world - not the love of his life nor the joy of living.

That pair of sapphires that she used to admire - they're so deep and blue that it reflects the hurt he's feeling. It's the look of someone who's so much in pain. Even though he's very good with hiding his true feelings, she knows him with all her heart, mind, and soul.

'And I know that you hate being alone even though you don't want to admit it. Yet for the last years, I was thinking you would eventually do fine as time passed by. You used to neglect me in the past, after all. I was thinking that you could go back to that if you tried...' she thought with a saddened, downcast gaze.

'But no matter how many times I tell you that you deserve to be happy, I get that you will never be.'

Adrian only remained standing there at a distance while Cassidy continued staring out to him for what seemed like a long moment.

Lost in her thoughts, she is not certain what to do from that point on. She is too drawn to him that she can no longer find it in herself to look away. And before she knew it, she suddenly went back to those times when she would spend what felt like an eternity just to behold him in all his perfect yet imperfect glory.

'Why? Why do I still feel this way? I was so sure that I was already okay. I was already happy with the way things were...' she then began to languish over and shudder at the staggering surge of agonizing heartaches that rushed within her all of the sudden.

'In the end, I still do love you. I don't want to leave you alone, after all. I don't want you to be this lonely for the rest of your life.'

Cassidy could not help but admit all of these despite her will - much like how she could not help but fall in love with Adrian way back when they were still younger.


"Hey, listen, big sis! I've got something to tell you!"

Cassidy decided to pick up Aira from school on the next day.

She could've brought her motorbike with her, but she felt like taking a strol

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