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After returning from their three-day trip, Cassidy goes straight back to work.

Although there was no rush for her to do so, she could not afford to rest. That was because her mind would always wander off to that time she had with Adrian when they were stranded in the middle of the woods. Whenever she had nothing to do, she would recall that rainy night - how he kept her warm despite the cold, how he said all those sugary words, how he touched her on her sweet spots, and how he pleasured her to the point she forgot everything else.

Only when she notices that she is heating up will she realize that she has already been too caught up in her flashback.

"Ughhhh...Here we go again..." Cassidy grumbled underneath her breath the moment she felt herself blushing for the thousandth time since that evening.

"I can't seriously be thinking about that thing again. On broad daylight even! I really need to get a grip-"

"Thinking about what?"

Then, she screeched.

She jolted in surprise when Bryan chimed in and appeared out of nowhere. Her heart seemed to rise all the way up to her lungs at that moment. He was also taken aback by how she suddenly screamed at his face. As a result, the two of them ended up scaring the living daylights out of each other.

"B-Bryan...! You surprised me!" Cassidy blurted out after realizing that it was only him.

"Yeah, I can see that..." Bryan deadpanned and raised a brow at her.

"You have been stalling around here in the counter for almost an hour. Are you trying to take my job away? Am I gonna get fired? And are you not supposed to be doing something else right now?"

"Huh? I am? What something?"

"Like meeting the flower shop lady next door and paying for the flowers you gave to the orphanage you visited-"

"Oh, right! I forgot!"

And with that, as usual, Cassidy finds herself scrambling around the diner and setting off in a haste.


The errand is easy to carry out.

Cassidy only needs to go inside the flower shop, have a conversation with the ever generous and thoughtful owner, and pay for the bouquets she bought the other day. But then, something as simple as that took a complicated turn when the unprecedented happened. Not only did she not see this coming, but she also ended up losing sight of her plan because of this.

Apparently, Cassidy saw Charles and Olivia inside the flower shop - which she had to take note was just across her restaurant.

"Oh, it's Charlie and Ofelia..." she absentmindedly thought out loud with a listless expression, still unable to get the whole scene.

"Wait, Charlie and Ofelia?!"

As soon as it completely registered in her head, she immediately backed out and hid behind the door of the flower shop.

She was about to enter when she spotted the two of them standing in front of the counter and talking with the owner. Seeing them together at this kind of place was something she did not once imagine. What's more, they're in the

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