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Edward was scowling when he came to pick up his sons at the resort after their three-day trip.

He didn't know that he already had four certain people replacing him as their guardian. Heck, he didn't even know that it's actually allowed to have that many relatives joining the school event. He'd certainly be bitter about it, and he'd feel like his position as their parent was being threatened.

While he was glad that his children were that loved and cared for, he still could not help but feel dismayed that he did not get to attend their family day.

"Hey, Daddy? Why do you look like you'd been in a funeral?" Hugo asked, a little concerned.

"Did something happen, Dad?" Damien chimed in from beside him.

"Dad must be working too hard. Why don't you go out and have fun sometimes?" Joshua suggested, making him perk up for a bit.

"Have fun? Like... go out with you, boys?" Edward blurted out with an expectant look, taking them aback.

The three then used a moment to stare at him before exchanging looks with each other. It's unusual of their father to act somewhat sheepish in front of them - almost like what he said was something he had long been wanting to tell but was too diffident to do so.

They did want to tease him for that, but rather than making fun of his sudden shyness, they felt like they should reassure him first.

"What are you saying, Dad? Of course, you can hang out with us," Damien started once more.

"Yeah! You're awesome too, so you're more than welcome to join cool guys like us!" Joshua said with a grin.

"We can play together, Daddy! We'd love to be with you!" Hugo enthused while beaming.

Flattered, Edward brightened up and smiled back at them. He was really blessed and grateful to have them as his children. It's no wonder that they have that many people holding them dear.

With those in mind, Edward pulls all three of them in for a big hug, much to their surprise and delight.

"Thank you, boys."


"Hey, Shade. What's up?"

At that call, Adrian looked up from his seat to find Asher standing before him.

He did not respond. The way he looked at him just didn't settle well with him. He could tell that he was only hiding his hatred behind his smile, but then again, he could not blame him.

"I know that you hate me," Adrian started while Asher could not help but smirk since he had hit bullseye.

"I was watching you and Cassie when we took your place yesterday. I think I changed my mind about you for a bit. It seems to me that you are distancing yourself. Were you finally knocked sense into?"

"That's really none of your business."

Adrian almost snapped at Asher right then.

But when he saw him reacting surprised, he tried to keep his calm. He had to remember that Cassidy probably valued him more than her husband at this point. That said, he needs to try to get along with him for once.

Taking a deep breath, Adrian then looked back down on the ground.


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