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In the end, Asher and Irish got to find Cassidy and Adrian at last.

There was a moment when everyone was exhilarated and relieved, but after that, there was only awkwardness - that kind of awkward in which those who're once in war against one another found themselves in the same place at the same time. And with that, only silence filled that awkwardness throughout the whole ride.

While Adrian had no idea that Asher was actually together with Irish, Cassidy were not aware that both of them were even somewhere around there. Because of how unexpected all of these were, no one managed to prepare a thing to say.

Fortunately, the kids soon appeared in the picture and saved the day - they rushed all the way to meet Cassidy and Adrian as soon as they arrived at the resort.

"Big sister! I thought I lost you!" Aira cried out while she clutched onto her side.

"I'm glad you're safe, Aunty! I'm really, really glad!" Hugo wailed as he did the same onto her other side.

"Calm down, you two. I'm fine. No need to bawl your eyes out..." Cassidy tried to reassure them while patting their heads.

"And don't say something like that again, Aira."

"Aren't you hurt in any way, Aunt?" Joshua chimed in.

"We can cancel our plans for today if you're not feeling well. We'll just see through the sports competitions without you," Damien seconded.

"You'll join a family day without your family? That can't be! Don't worry about me! I said I'm fine! We can carry on with our plans."

Despite her words, the children don't look convinced.

They even appear somewhat guilty and remorseful of what happened, which gave her the impression that they were probably blaming themselves for the incident. In reality, she's the one who's supposed to be at fault here for not looking at where she's stepping on.

"Seriously, guys..." Cassidy then breathed out and smiled down at them.

"I'm alright. Nothing bad happened to me. No injuries or whatsoever."

"Then, what about you, Sir Adrian...?" Aira asked and turned to their other companion, catching his attention.

"Are you alright too? Thank you for looking after my big sister, by the way. She can be a clumsy scatterbrain sometimes-"

"Hey, who you're calling what now?"

"It's true, big sis."

"Thanks for your concern, Aira. I'm alright..." Adrian said with a small smile, making his nephews heave a relieved sigh.

"Oh, but... Come to think of it, Cassidy was burning up at one point last night."

"Aunty was...?!" Hugo bolted out and clutched tighter onto his aunt.

"You lied to us, Aunty! How could you?! You said you're okay, but you're actually feverish!"

"Now that you said that, I recalled that it was raining really hard. Could it be a cold?" Joshua wondered out loud with his head tilted quizzically.

"That's no good. You should rest some more," Damien ordered with a stern tone.

Cassidy is at a loss for a moment there.

She thought that Adrian wanted to conti

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