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Adrian held Cassidy tightly, savoring every remaining second he had with her.

Once the rain lets up, this dream will be over. He will no longer be able to embrace her like this. And after their divorce, he can't call her as his anymore. His heart will continue to yearn for her, but he can't pursue her starting from that point on.

This way, Cassidy will be more than free to look for her happiness - one that may be in the form of a different man.

'And I'll be spending the rest of my days in sadness and despair. What a well-deserved punishment for an asshole.'

Adrian is silently sitting on the floor while leaning against the wall near the window. All the while, Cassidy is nestling comfortably in his arms, still deep in her slumber. She fell asleep after that intense session they had earlier. He did want to go further than that, but he restrained and told himself not to be too greedy.

Being with her like this is enough - he'll just make sure he'll remember everything about this moment.

"Adrian..." Cassidy called all of the sudden, talking in her sleep.

"You're a good man."

Adrian was a little nonplussed to hear this. But it did make him smile. He's glad that it's how she sees him. At least, he's able to leave such a last impression on her.

"Please, don't be too hard on yourself."

When she added that out of nowhere, he stilled for a second.

Not being hard on himself will be hard to do, though he does appreciate the concern. Without her, he doesn't how he'll be himself again. He could smile because of those who stayed by his side, but he'd still not be the same as he was when he's with her.

"You shouldn't worry about me anymore, Cassidy..." he said and leaned down to kiss her on her forehead, making her sigh in bliss from the warmth and softness of his lips.

"You'd already done that all your life. I'll just learn to take care of myself from now on."


"Cassidy! Adrian! Where in the world are you two?! Answer me!"

"M-Ma'am Irish, calm down! Don't do something so dangerous! You might fall!"

"Shut up! What if they're lost out there?! Starving?! Freezing?! Hurting?!"

"I'm sure they'll be fine, Ma'am Irish-"

"How'd you know?! Were you with them?! Huh?!"

At the moment, Irish is arguing with one of the pilots maneuvering their family's private helicopter.

She called for backup as soon as she heard the news that Adrian and Cassidy had gone missing in the woods. They did decide to wait for the downpour to come to an end before they begin their search, but it ended up pouring on and on until midnight. She could no longer bear another hour past that time, which was why she set out the instant it let up a little.

Now, Irish almost has her whole head out of the helicopter - repeatedly shouting their names into the night using a megaphone she got from who knew where.

"You crazy woman..." Asher muttered from behind her, having joined the search party as well.

"Can't yo

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