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It turned out that Daniel did see Cassidy around.

Ever since the day he'd been asked to tour her around the branch company, he's seen her somewhere in the building on more than one occassion. There's a time when he found her talking with Adrian's bodyguards. He recalls that one of them is named Seven. Another time was when she was in the office of his secretary, Charles, who happened to be absent for almost a week.

After a while, Daniel finally managed to gather the courage to approach Cassidy again. By now, he had talked with her more than once, but since she'd always get taken away, their conversations would only last for a few minutes.

Seven and the others were usually the ones who did that. They'd often call her in a friendly yet polite way before leading her to wherever she's supposed to meet up with Adrian. From time to time, the other officials who're higher than employees like him would greet her with utmost respect for some reason.

'Perhaps, Ma'am Cassidy isn't really what she seems, after all,' was what he thought.

Ever since Daniel met Cassidy, he also learned that the man he looks up to so much is actually a coin with two sides -

One is the stern and strict perfectionist that everyone knows while the other is the complete opposite. Whenever Cassidy is around, his iciness will melt away at once. Adrian will turn into someone who's always smiling, which is definitely unusual of him. He also allowed displays of affection like hugging and holding hands.

'That kinda gets me thinking. Are they in a relationship? If they are, isn't this infidelity, then? I mean, I recall that the President is already married, and I remember that his wife has been missing in action for years. Even before that, I didn't see them together that much. I only know very little about Mrs. Millicent as well.'

At times, Daniel will get to see how protective Adrian seems to be over Cassidy. He caught him glaring at some men who tried to flirt with her, scaring them away before going straight back to being all smiley when she looked at him again.

'Perhaps, he just cares about her that much. I do hope that he will not disapprove of me, though.'

Apparently, Daniel wanted to ask Cassidy out.

After several more instances of spending time with her - short as some may have been, he had developed a crush on her. Then again, she is cheerful, sweet, funny, and not to mention, really beautiful. She's exactly his type.

It had taken a trip to the flower shop across the street to buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums, five cans of energy drink, and a twenty-minute peptalk to himself in the mirror. Now, Daniel is in the elevator - on his way to the top floor where Cassidy is most likely at right now.

That's where the office of his boss is, after all.

'It's now or never!'

The elevator doors opened as it reached his destination. Taking a deep breath, he then stepped out. And to his delight, he saw how a lock of bright scarlet-red

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