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Everything is all messed up at that point -

Messed up in a good yet wrong way, that is.

Cassidy isn't sure what she's feeling anymore. Though Adrian said she's still the one who's in command here, he keeps doing the complete opposite. It's clearly him who's in control - not only of her body, but also of her emotions.

She can feel everything. She can feel how much he held back this whole time. Calling it desperate will already be an understatement. It's starting to approach the line between voraciousness and hopelessness.

"I've missed hearing that lovely voice of yours, Cassidy..." Adrian started again out of nowhere, whispering in her ears with a deep and smoky tone.

"Those little noises of yours - I'd always been dying to hear them. And this smooth skin of yours - I'd craved for it all the time. Your lips, on the other hand, are something else. They're irresistible. You're irresistible. And these are everything I can ever ask for."

"N-No... Don't say something so... e-embarrassing," Cassidy barely managed to say, blushing even harder.

"I'm only saying the truth."


"And it's all your fault."

At that point, he can no longer keep his emotions at bay, especially when she continues evoking his constrained desires to resurface with these adorable reactions of hers. He can never get enough of her.

"Cassidy, I love you."

With that, his mouth envelops hers ever so gently, making her heart melt at how sweet and warm the gesture is.

Adrian peppers Cassidy with kisses in a slow manner. The way he takes his time to savor her lips is somewhat breathtaking. The movement ends up feeling like soft caresses that're enough to make her moan in pleasure - even more so as he goes deeper and deeper.

After hearing her lovely voice getting louder and louder, he goes ahead and licks her lips with so much hunger. He would nudge them with his tongue to ask for permission to enter, which she would wordlessly welcome by opening her mouth. She couldn't help but accept it all in.

Then again, he's so intoxicating.


Cassidy whimpers in delight, finally admitting that Adrian is really good in stepping up his game.

His warm, wet tongue keeps prodding on hers before traversing the other sides of her mouth. It goes further and further as if trying to eat her up. He does it as if he has been starved for years, not minding even when strings of saliva come streaming down the sides of her mouth.

In fact, the sight of her drooling only stimulates him even more - much like how his tongue-kissing struck her dazed and tipsy.

"You're so beautiful, Cassidy..." Adrian muttered underneath his breath, but Cassidy was too knocked out of her senses to respond with words.

"The most beautiful I'd ever seen."

With that, he lowers his head once more and begins trailing kisses down her neck. He kisses her with so much passion, earning another round of breathless whines and mewls of gratifica

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