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It didn't take a while for Daniel to get what he and Cassidy wanted to order - a slice of strawberry shortcake for her and a cup of coffee for himself.

"Here you go!" he enthused with a grin as he placed the tray on the table and sat across from her.

"Thank you...!" she chirped and went to take a bite of her dessert right away, brightening up not even a second later.

"You were right! This tastes awesome!"

Seeing Cassidy get so thrilled about such a small thing, Daniel resisted the urge to laugh. He then took a sip from the coffee that he got for himself.

"Say, Daniel...?" she called out while he hummed to let her know he was listening.

"The security guard mentioned earlier that Adrian was acting different than usual. So, like... I'm thinking how he is at work lately."

"Well, it honestly was a surprise he came to ask me. He's often in his office, and he communicates by e-mail most of the time. When he does come out, he's strict and business-orientated, but he's a good boss. I mean, he takes our opinions seriously. He also makes sure we have everything we need. Still, at times, he's a little too cold with that calculating look of his," he explained, earning a thoughtful expression from her.

"Cold, huh? I get what you mean. But I thought that he's no longer like that."

"Huh? So, you know him outside of work?"

Daniel was taken aback when he heard Cassidy call his boss by his first name earlier. It seems like she is not just being bold, though he also would have already guessed since Adrian did say that she is his 'special' guest.

"Yeah, I do know him," she simply said, smiling somewhat mischievously.

"Then, how would you describe him? The boss when he's outside the office, I mean?" he asked, looking more than intrigued.

"Adrian is the definition of calm and cool. He's kind and caring. His smile always looks so sweet, too."

"It does?! Woah! I didn't think he smiles in such a way."

"Well, yeah. And I was only getting started. Adrian is gentle at times and passionate at others. He is fond of dry humor, has a childish side, and can be a dork sometimes."

"A... dork?"

Daniel blinks at Cassidy incredulously, having a hard time to believe what he's hearing.

He was about to ask more, but that was when he suddenly caught sight of something through the corners of his eyes. There's a woman walking with a hot cup of coffee from behind her. She wasn't paying attention to where she's heading to, and with that, she ended up tripping and spilling her coffee.

"Hey, look out!" Daniel cried out to Cassidy, bolting out from his seat and sprinting over to her.

He managed to catch the woman and pull her up all at the same time before the coffee could make a mess out of the two of them. But as a result, he almost got burnt in their stead. Thrown off guard, his companion hurried to the woman while she began apologizing frantically.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, feeling more concerned for he

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