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Cassidy no longer knows what is happening.

Her eyes closed the moment his lips made contact with hers, and her words were swallowed up by his mouth. Just before her thoughts became a jumbled mess, she could feel his movements becoming a little tense.

It seemed to Cassidy that Adrian was desperate to convey something - something that no words could ever describe enough. He held her against him with one of his arms while the other buried itself in her hair. For a moment, he kissed her only with his lips, but that was until he tilted his head and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

From that moment on, feelings burst out.

'This is... kinda unfair... You said this is the last, but...' Cassidy managed to think about in her trance-like state.

'Why would you do it in a way that could make both of us wanting for more?'

The whole gesture startled her.

He never faltered as he continued to kiss her with unwavering ferocity. And if the noise that her throat emitted was anything to go by, he knew he was doing something right. She could not help but tilt her head to the side, finding it easier to capture his onslaught of affection that way. And he was more than willing to give her as much she wanted.

"This is fine, right? I can continue, right...?" Adrian then asked out of nowhere, pulling away to catch his breath and look at Cassidy straight in the eye.

"Say something, Cassidy."

"I-I... I-I don't... k-know."

Though she said that, he could see her true feelings glinting in her half-lidded, lust-filled gaze.

She looks intoxicated right now. It's like a spell had been cast on her - just like what she did to him.

But then, he was more than charmed by her riveting beauty. He was also beyond enthralled. With how his emotions kept overflowing, he knew that this could only be the same old story of him falling in love with her all over again.

'It's fine. Falling for you again is fine. Even if this is the last time, I'll do it by falling in love with you once more. No matter how much it'll hurt to let you go after this, I'll manage. I'll try to. Then again, I've always been trying to...' he thought to himself, not regretting this decision.

'Let this memory I'll make with you tonight be both a blessing and a curse.'

With that, Adrian leaned down for the second time and kissed Cassidy with so much intensity.

He nipped her bottom lip and reveled in the whimpers and moans that she could not keep herself from letting out. He does it so heatedly as he feels like burning up from the passion of flames that have been lit up inside his chest. When they became too hard to contain, he leveled up his game and turned to tongue-kissing once again.

Cassidy shivers a little at the contact of his tongue in her mouth. There is no room for reluctance this time as Adrian only continues to make a blushing mess out of her. He dives deeper and deeper, his tongue exploring her insides more and more.


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