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Adrian Millicent is the well-esteemed chief executive of Millicent Inc. who possesses an air of coolness around him that feels a little too cold most of the time.

It was to be expected with all the stress and pressure of being the head of several multi-million companies. And it wasn't that he was not a good boss to an ordinary employee like Daniel. On the contrary, while he holds high expectations for everyone in his workplace, he always treats them with respect.

Adrian tries his hardest to remember all of his employees by their names, politely thanks whoever manages to finish a task, gives short yet powerful peptalks if he notices someone struggling, and often has his secretary gather feedback for improvement. Daniel really admires him and looks forward to the day when he himself approaches him in person instead of sending an email like always. It can't be helped, though, considering that he's only working at one of the branch companies and not in the main headquarters.

Yet today, he happened to be in said branch company for some reason.

"President! Good morning!" Daniel greeted right away, springing up from his seat.

"Good morning too, Daniel..." Adrian greeted back with a small nod, looking like he had come to his office for some business.

"Listen, I have a favor to ask."

"Of course! Whatever you need, President!"

"You see, I am expecting a very special guest at about four in the afternoon. However, an issue has come up with one of our partner companies. I need to have a meeting with them, and sadly, they are only available at that same time."

"Oh, alright, Sir. What is it you want me to do?"

"My secretary isn't around at the moment. Since you'll be free by that time, will you please go to the lobby and pick her up? She hadn't been here in our branch company before, so she asked to be toured around when I told her about the delay. Can you take her around?"

For a moment, Daniel takes it all in - he still can't believe that Adrian has really approached him in personal. Once he grasps what it is he needs to do, he smiles and nods at him.

"Of course, President. You can count on me," he beamed, and to his pleasant surprise, he was rewarded with a smile.

It was barely a smile, though. The corners of his lips curved up for only a tiny bit. But he knew it was definitely there.

"Thank you, Daniel. I'm relying on you," Adrian said before taking his leave.

In awe, Daniel watches him walk away until he turns to a corner and disappears for good. Trying to snap out of his daze, he then slaps the sides of his face and lets his determination fill him - he is not going to let his boss down.

Before going back to work, Daniel grabs his phone and sets up an alarm so he will not be able to somehow forget the time.


As soon as Daniel reaches the lobby that afternoon, he finds the security guard at the front desk talking to someone whom he guesses is the special guest he's supposed to tour

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