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Adrian had to give Cassidy as much body warmth as she needed.

There is no time to hesitate or to be embarrassed. If he does not want her to get sick, he will have to share his warmth to her in one way or another. That being said, stripping like this will help her absorb it better than when they are both in their drenched clothes.

'Calm down. All you need to do now is gather her in your arms again...' Adrian told himself after getting rid of his shirt and looking back at Cassidy once more, having been left in only his pants.

'But which side am I allowed to touch?'

From there on, he explores her figure in all seriousness, taking a moment to think of how he will hold her without disrespecting her or causing her discomfort.

His gaze passes from one of her curves to another. It slides down her shape until it lands somewhere it does not intend to land on. He blushes madly the instant he catches sight of her underwear. Only then does he realize how lovely and ravishing she actually looks in blue.

"Stupid! Now's not the time for this!" Adrian bolted out exasperatedly before going back to business.

He eventually decided to wrap his arms around her waist and rest the side of her head on his shoulder. As soon as she is settled in his arms, he scoots closer to the wall and leans on it. He then proceeds to embrace her tightly, trying so hard to keep his head blank all the while.

"Your face is in flames, but your hands and feet are icy cold. Just how much did you tire yourself out? And you didn't even say a thing to me..." Adrian thought out loud as he grasped one of her hands and felt how it was starting to get stiff from the cold.

"But then again, I keep distancing myself. That must have bothered you."

Guilt-ridden time and again, he could only blame himself for everything that had happened.

He flutters his eyes closed and pulls her hand nearer to his lips. With a downcast expression, he then presses a soft and gentle kiss on its back. It is only a matter of seconds before he loses himself in the sensation of having her so close - it took two long years before he could hold her like this again, after all.

At that thought, Adrian can't help but kiss her hand more firmly, furrowing his brows together at the same time. Through it all, Cassidy remains asleep. With the lack of reaction from her, he could no longer keep himself from pouring out some of the emotions he forced to bottle up the whole time.

"Despite everything, I'm really happy that I'm at your side right now, Cassidy."

Adrian moved from brushing his lips against her hand over and over again to riddling his affection on her head and cheek. The gestures are filled with tender loving and caring regards. In slow succession, he plants a kiss on her forehead before doing the same to the side of her face. Her heat somehow soothes him the way he hopes his does to her, especially in the ongoing downpour and the blowing wind.

"I'm sorry for not payi

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