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Around noon on the next day, one certain arrival caused a scene inside Cassidy's restaurant.

All the customers as well as the employees are thrown off guard the moment this prominent individual makes an appearance. With that strong of a presence, their attention is caught right away, and from that point on, an uproar breaks out.

"Hey, isn't that...?"

"That man can only be that esteemed CEO...!"

"Woah! He's insanely hot just like what the rumors say..."

"Really, really handsome too...!"

"What's up with that get-up, though...?"

"Is something big happening...?"

A commotion stirred as soon as Adrian came striding in.

Not only is he making an entrance all of the sudden, but he is also wearing quite a sumptuous suit and carrying a resplendent bouquet of roses with him. It's not that difficult to point out what is his purpose here, but even then, it's all somewhat bemusing.

Aside from the fact that his presence alone can flip a whole building upside down, there are also those rumors about him living separately from his wife. Some said that the head of Millicent Inc. had always been in a loveless relationship with his spouse while others presumed that they were going to divorce sooner or later.

Right now, though, those who knew the rumors started to think that this may not be the case all along.

"Ummm... Excuse me, Ma'am Cassie," called Bryan who had only come from serving some of their customers.

"What is it, Bryan?" Cassidy asked, turning away from the pile of paperwork she was arranging at that moment.

He suddenly came in her office in the middle of her work. There are customers outside that are being attended to by the other employees. She caught a glimpse of what was happening out there when he opened the door and entered, but she remained oblivious of the reason behind the noises.

"There appears to be an important visitor for you, Ma'am."

"Oh, alright. I'll be going there in a minute."

Right then, everyone outside appears to have gotten much noisier than ealier. Rounds of lively chatters ensued and spread around out of nowhere, making them turn to look in that direction.

"Huh? What's that all about?" Cassidy wondered out loud, finally deciding to put aside her work in the meantime.

With that, she makes her way out of her office while Bryan trails after her. As soon as she opens the door, everyone around there immediately turns to where they are and sheds the spotlight on her. She ends up blinking at this in surprise and puzzlement, not sure of what to do.


At that call, the world seems to still for Cassidy.

When she met an all-too familiar, loving gaze - one that she had dreamt of last night in bed, she came to a standstill. Completely taken aback, she could only stay unmoving and speechless on her place - an astonished expression splattered across her face all the while.

"Good afternoon, Cassidy."

With the brightest of smiles, Adrian walks u

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