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Adrian saw everything flashed before his eyes.

He saw how Cassidy was knocked out of her balance the moment she stepped on the furthest edge that the path had. He saw how the bushes and shrubs engulfed her as she staggered and fell down. And he saw how she disappeared out of sight in only a matter of seconds.


It turned out that beyond that edge was a steep rock face that stretched all the way down to a deep, dark bottom.

Adrian made haste to where Cassidy fell but only to be stopped by one of the tour guides nearby. Those who were with them in that group also came to a halt after hearing him cry out. If it was not for his shout, no one else would notice. Then again, it was getting too dim to see anything.

What's more, it all happened in what seemed to be the speed of lightning - nobody could catch on that if their focus was somewhere else.

"You can't go down there, Sir! We'll handle it! We'll call for rescue!" the tour guide tried to reassure him.

"My wife had fallen! As if I would just stay put!" he exclaimed in panic, looking more than ready to dive down that slope as well.

"It's too dangerous! We instructed everyone earlier to stay at the middle! It's a rock face past that edge! And there's a river down below there!"

"A... what?"

Adrian paled at the mention of another danger zone.

Yet despite the warnings, he did not falter to go after his wife. He crossed through that boundary as soon as the tour guide started making a call for help, using that distraction to keep him from stopping him again. At that moment, nothing else mattered to him - nothing but her safety.

"Sir! You can't!"

Those were the last words that Adrian heard after he slid down the slope and into the bottom.

He should've already known, though. He should've paid more attention.

When Adrian saw Cassidy picking up her pace earlier, he thought that she really wanted to keep her distance from him. That was why he decided to give her more space and walked a little further behind. Making her feel uncomfortable was the least he wanted to happen at that time.

But then, what he didn't realize was that she was actually avoiding something else.

It was too late to hear the rolling thunder from a distance. He did not notice it at first since he was too caught up in his thoughts. Only a mere second before she fell did he hear it and realize what was really going on - he recalled that she had an abnormal fear of lightning and thunder.

"Damn it!" Adrian kept cursing at himself for not paying attention on such an important thing.

Driven by panic, fear and anger, he proceeded to skid down the steep surface until he was greeted by darkness. Fortunately, the trail was a little easier to tread than he expected. There were no rocks around to block his way, though there was the perilous steepness.

Soon enough, Adrian finally heard the sound of streaming water - he was near to the river.

"Cassidy! Wh

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